Date: 4th December 2019 at 9:30am
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Written by davygravy

I’m one of the happy clappers but even I sat here getting angrier by the minute watching that! Now….ultimately I don’t see a proper relegation battle in the end as we’ve always had such dips but…blimey…that was just shocking all round.

The line up didn’t look bad, obviously missing Steve Cook at the back was a loss and it shows we do miss Joshua King. But as we have seen, something is wrong at the minute if the players can offer up something that bad against ten men. Even if Crystal Palace are usually very good at home, no excuses to play that slowly.

AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe also needs to shake himself up and quickly. He is also on a dip and he needs to get at these players and maybe try something different. Sorry, Simon Francis….a club legend…I hesitate in saying this but…how the heck did he come on tonight?? What was the actual point? I did think if he’d gone to 352, I could have accepted it, with them only having one forward but to stick with 442 and switch Smithy was ridiculous. He needs grilling about this, wonder if the Solent reporter will be brave enough. But 442 would have been better with Stacey, who can at least bomb forward better than Franno can now.

I would actually drop Callum Wilson now, he just is doing nothing. Zero. Hopefully, Josh is ok for Saturday but even without him, we cannot have one striker that is this off form. I’d rather get Scrimshaw up there at the minute.

I feel let down tonight, I am sure we all do. As I say, I still think, in the end, we’ll be mid-table or just below but with the squad we have, that is disappointing.

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langham wrote…

Sorry to say there’s a real lack of character in the team. Steve Cook apart, who shouts, organises, gives direction?? Is this why Eddie keeps bringing on Francis, who over years has been a key onfield presence? (Eddie must be desperate, given Francis’s chronic lack of pace.)

This is a young squad lacking, above all, grit and determination. I’d buy at least one experienced, a creative midfielder with some “go” in them. Until Brooks is fit we’ve nothing on the bench. Incoming needed before we fade out of sight.

billythekid added…

Very disappointed after watching that.

Thought we were too cautious in the first half and not pressing the 10 men enough to find a way through to goal.

The second half thought at worse we would come away with a point, but come away against 10 men with nothing!

We sold two players in the Summer, Lys Mousset and Tyronne Mings who were not regular starters in our team.

Eddie brought in five players, so most of our team and forwards are still there.

Not sure what has happened to Callum, after not scoring until we played Leicester, he then scored 5 goals in the next 4 league games. Then came two international breaks and he hasn’t scored in the league since.

Last season at this time we had scored 26 goals and had 23 points.

This season at the same time we have scored 18 goals and have 16 points.

If we lose against Liverpool on Saturday, it will be the first time since we have been in the Premier League that we would have lost 5 league games in a row.

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