Date: 4th December 2019 at 8:56am
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told Sky Sports

“We weren’t good enough today – there’s no hiding that fact. It’s disappointing because with the sending off, it was a good opportunity to ram home that advantage and secure much-needed points.

“We didn’t attack well today, we didn’t pass the ball enough and I think the man advantage almost had an adverse effect on us today. We became predictable and a bit stale, they defended very well, made it difficult for us and it was hard to break them down…”

“…With our sequence of results, you have to be concerned. I have to take responsibility for that and we need to find solutions quickly.”

Written by fritter

This division was always going to be a challenge in terms of changing the team. The promotion team lasted longer than anyone anticipated. Last season and this are rebuilds.

We will never recapture the speed and skill that got us here. That was unique. Cast offs and never had beens coming together. They had the impossible to aim for and achieved it.

Change was unavoidable. But buying players that could attack with pace in this division in the same way we did before is not possible. Not without huge money signings.

In the championship we signed Surman and Harte. Both had championship experience and they steadied the side. These are young players still coming together. Unlike previously they all have more money than any of is could dream of. How many of them have ever been in a situation where they have triumphed over adversity? It will be interesting to see who will dig in and fight for the team and the club and who will wither, fade and want out.

We need character more than ever. We need a reaction.

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simonhpieman wrote…

Eddie’s post-match body language

Had tears in his eyes, wouldn’t blame the players, blamed himself, felt a little clueless and was generally crestfallen.

Fair not to blame the players?

It’s certainly fair to blame himself for a good portion of the last few games and in particular tonight but if he is at a loss then what hope have we got?!

Earshot added…

Watched him address the away fans on amazon prime. You could clearly see hum tapping both hands on his chest mouthing my fault. He knows something isn’t clicking and I tend to agree. I think there’s an element of cohesion we had before that is lacking, we used to be more of a team.

What I can see is that Eddie has the gravitas to turn it around, but this is a new problem that Eddie hasn’t faced before, and a different type of struggle. – Join the conversation, click here.

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