Date: 20th July 2020 at 7:11am
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MOTM against Southampton



Someone else

Someone else

— Positives —

– Aaron Ramsdale. I’ve been critical of him in recent weeks for not keeping us in games with unexpected saves. Well, he delivered in quantity today. Brilliant performance.

– First half. Until they scored we looked by far the better team, even if they had some good chances.

– Joshua King looked up for it when he was on. Callum Wilson at least looked interested and won some headers although nothing seemed to drop. In fact, there were a smattering of decent performances through the XI. In fact, apart from a couple of notables, nobody was absolutely terrible which is a step up on some of our previous weeks. Nowhere near good enough overall though.

— Negatives —

– Obviously no points and two goals damage to our goal difference. We’re now relying on snookers of snookers. It doesn’t get starker or more negative than that.

– That second half. We were on top in the first and should have come out fighting, despite trailing. Instead, we came out and let them dominate us for most of the 45. So disappointing.

– Diego Rico. For a man who is supposed to have a good delivery on him, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a succession of terrible corners and free kicks. If he can’t get one out of all of them into the danger zone he shouldn’t be taking them.

– Add to that pretty much all set pieces and corners. What on earth happened to our creativity at these? There was a point when we had these choreographed dead ball setups that were admired by pundits. They were broken down and analysed on football shows to show how clever they were. Short, long, all sorts. Now we go with lump it high and floaty so the keeper can get it or it goes beyond everyone almost every single time. It’s bizarre.

– David Brooks. Totally off the pace in the first half. Obviously the tactics of going longer more weren’t suited to his game but sometimes you need to muck in and make a difference even if it isn’t your game. I didn’t think it could get much worse when he was subbed.

-Harry Wilson. Quite simply the worst 45 minutes of football I’ve seen from a Bournemouth player since Marcos Painter. To give him all his full credit, he made one very good tackle down the line to stop a breakaway. Apart from that he gave the ball away, he didn’t cover his man, he gave away a really stupid penalty, he dithered over his late shot, he tried to score from a promising position for us with some kind of Ronaldinho effort that ended up looking ridiculous, he tried to dribble out of defence and lost it in a dangerous position. I could go on. Genuinely appalling.

– Half-hearted defending (not necessarily from the defenders) after our goal was disallowed. I know it was a huge blow. Massive. You can’t just stroll about and leave all the defending to a few though. That second goal could still send us down and it was a ridiculous one to let in.

– Callum Wilson. I know offsides happen but if you’re an international striker you shouldn’t be offside from the first flick on of a set-piece. That’s Striker ABC.

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Kenya Cherrie wrote…

I think we should put another defeat down to Eddie’s team selection.
Does he think too much and tries to complicate things?
We needed to win that game and he put out a timid line-up.

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