Date: 20th July 2020 at 6:57am
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told Sky Sports

“I just need to digest this game before thinking about next week. While we’re still there, there’s still hope, we just have to believe until it is mathematically impossible. You never know in football, crazier things have happened.

“But I’m very disappointed today because a big chunk of our destiny and future was still in our hands today, and that’s slipped away.

“It is difficult. Usually, we have been free-scoring and creating a bundle of chances. For some reason that hasn’t happened [this season]. We have worked to try and change that, and the best spell has probably been the last few games.”

MOTM against Southampton



Someone else

Someone else

Written by red_house

Saw the line-up and formation and knew the result was inevitable. Its like Spurs, Manchester City and the second half against Leicester City never happened. Eddie Howe clearly woke up this morning with memory loss. I watched a bit of first half hoof ball and a second-half headless chicken display that reminded me of playground football at school where no one had a position and everyone would just chase the ball.

Southampton to a man looked stronger, fitter, more composed, organised and more capable of controlling a football.

Took the dog out before VAR did its cunning stunt and whatever happened afterwards.

It was like the previous three performances (or two and a half) were some kind of fluke that went outside of Eddies comfort zone. Today he reigned himself back in then when it was all too late he’s suddenly throwing people upfront in a panic move that never, ever works.

I can’t fault the effort and commitment from anyone on the pitch today but the buck stops with Eddie. Its the end of one chapter and the start of another.

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Waz afcb wrote…

Eddie wanted to fit all his favourites in again today and reverted back to his comfort zone of playing in flat lines with two central midfielders who can’t look after the ball. To his credit we did at least go more direct today which suited the players at our disposal slightly better, but why oh why change it up at all when we were so good in the last two games. The most sickening thing is that I think you can’t question the attitude and application of the players today (bar Harry Wilson) but you can question the tactical decisions made by the manager, this squad was more than capable of staying up comfortably and one of the main reasons that we didn’t was Eddie. Still don’t want him to go but in terms of performance, he has not been up to it this season, not even close to be honest. – Join the conversation, click here.

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