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Vital Verdict – Peterborough v AFCB

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Written by blandford_cherry

The bigger picture

I don’t often comment at length on specific games I leave that to those who kindly write the match reports but after last night I’m at a loss on this board sometimes, yes it was an awful game, yes on paper maybe we should have won but google your Norwich’s and Watford’s from last season and take a look at their results over 46 and you can apply that to any promoted team from previous years, it’s ok to criticise the performance but when the season as a whole so far is mentioned it’s a bit over the top.

You cannot walk this league and you can draw, win or lose to basically anyone. Just because on paper they had the worst defensive record in the league doesn’t mean we can go and smash 6 or 7 in without any effort. Coventry were flying and Luton, who we beat at the weekend put 5 past them. Sheff Utd, one of the favourites at the start of the season are imploding. We are unbeaten in 10, 13 points from 15, 2nd in the league and look so solid at the back and to add to that basically spent the first 4 games of the season playing kids.

I would argue you can’t have a consistent style of play in this league due to the nature of each opponent. Some games we need to grind out results, some games we need to hang on to small leads, some games we need to play a lot more defensively to avoid defeat.

For people to suddenly say ‘I’m concerned about Scott Parker’ ‘We should have stuck with Woodgate’ ‘Playoffs at best’ ‘No plan’ ‘no consistency’ ‘need a same style of play every game’ ‘Rogers isn’t good enough’ ‘bring back JT’ ‘This is what Fulham fans warned us about to maybe to lighten up and look at the bigger picture, and maybe some of last seasons results, we’ve just won 4 in a row.

This squad is exceptionally strong, exciting and one crap draw shouldn’t cause any concern.

The league table doesn’t lie.


Rant over

Man of the match against Peterborough







Someone else

Someone else

Kudos added…

think it reflects on a relative balance between attacking and defensive bias.

If you’re an attacking side you’re more likely to get a goal that will turn 1 point into 3, conversely, you’re more likely to concede a goal that could make the game very difficult.

I’d say we’re a positive but not attacking side so our scoring margins typically we score a goal or two but rarely concede. We missed two big changes among a number of shots, one of those goes in and the reaction would be completely different. The xG was 0.14 – 1.66 in our favour, interestingly the Luton game was 0.79 – 1.49 against us but there was no criticism.

Your say…

AlGard wrote…

Take solace in the fact that we don’t look like conceding… Unless we are 2-0 up at home and apparently cruising. – Join the conversation, click here.

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