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Stat Attack – AFCB v Newcastle United

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Written by Matt Stevenson

What a game this was for an AFCB fan, with Bournemouth on the front foot from the first minute. Despite being in control we only created half-chances whilst Newcastle created very little. At half-time, the xG was AFCB 0.38 and Newcastle 0.07. The second half was similar until we got a break (and it doesn’t seem like we’ve had many this season) with the ball coming off a defender into the path of Solanke who smashed it in at the near post (rated 1 in 3). Just before that, Newcastle had their biggest chance. Cook ducked out of a header leaving the ball for Neto, who was probably surprised and knocked it out to Willock, but Neto saved the attempt (rated 1 in 9). We went 2 up following a set piece, which isn’t normally fruitful. Cook’s corner was a header against the post by Sinisterra, and fell to Solanke who deftly hooked it from behind him and into the net (rated 4 in 5 although this probably doesn’t take into account the skill required to make contact). After the goal, AFCB had 4 chances rated 1 in 9 or better, from Solanke, Sinisterra, Tavernier and Ouattara as we kept breaking. At the death, Sinisterra had a great chance (rated 45%) that looked destined to make it 3-0, but Pope pulled off a remarkable save, as the ball had deflected off a defender. The final xG was AFCB 2.78 and Newcastle 0.31. Opta had it slightly closer at 2.46 vs 0.49, but whichever source you looked at it was a dominant AFCB performance.

xG timeline.png

Man of the match against Newcastle United















Someone else

Someone else

The back 4 were positioned as expected. Cook (4) and Christie (10) were more central, with Tavernier (16) on the left and Semenyo (24) on the right. Kluivert (19) had a fairly free role behind Solanke (9) his movement to the left and the right at times during the game is not picked up by the average position. Smith (15) came on for the injured Aarons (37) and played deeper, although we were 1-0 up at that stage and counter-attacking. Sinesterra (17) came on for Kluivert at the same time and was also allowed a free role. In the 81st minute, Outtara (11) replaced Semenyo (24) but played more on the left, presumably with others shuffling more to the right. In the last minute, Rothwell (8) came on for Tavernier to run the clock down and shore things up.

Av Pos.png
The two centre-backs had the most touches, Senesi with 78 and Zabarnyi with 74, Kelly was close behind with 73. Tavernier had the most touches in the opposition half with 49 Cook was second with 37. Tavernier had had most touches in the final third with 36 with Solanke on 22.


We had 27 touches in the opposition’s penalty area with Solanke having 8 and Christie, Semenyo, and Tavernier with 5.

Pen Area Touches.png
Senesi attempted 69, Zabarnyi 65, and Kelly 56. Tavernier and Cook attempted most in the opposition’s half (30 and 27) with Tavernier attempting most in the final third 21. We averaged 77% completion, with Tavernier, Senesi, and Zabarnyi of the starting 11 having 85% or over.

All passes.png
Pass Opp Half.png
AFCB attempted 17 crosses, being successful with 3, with Solanke having 2 successes from 2 crosses.


Our players tried to take on a man 27 times being successful 11 times. Tavernier had the only 100% success rate.

Take Ons.png
We created 14 chances (one big, from Christie from Sinisterra). Newcastle created 4 chances, none of them big.

Chances Created.png

We had 19 attempts (three big) noting that chances can be provided after saves, deflections, or a defensive error and not created. We hit the target ten times. Newcastle had 8 attempts, none big, and hit the target 5 times. In under 30 minutes on the pitch, Sinisterra had the most shots with 5, whilst Semenyo and Solanke had 4 each.

AFCB won 14 of 26 aerial duals. Cook won 3 from 3.


We won 27 out of 34 tackles (79%) with Cook, Semenyo, and Senesi all winning 3 from 3

Cook made the most defensive actions with 12. Cook made the most interceptions, Neto made the most recoveries, and Solanke and Zabarnyi made the most clearances whilst no player made a block.


According to Opta, AFCB made no errors leading to chances or goals.

The foul count was AFCB 10, Newcastle 4. No AFCB player conceded more than 2 fouls or was fouled more than once.

The Opta expected goals had Solanke (1.14) as most likely to score for AFCB with Sinisterra (0.62) and Semenyo and Tavernier (both 0.22) next. For assists, Christie (0.20) and Solanke (0.13) were above 0.10 – Sinisterra’s header that rebounded back to Solanke must not be counted as an assist by Opta. AFCB had an xGc of 0.49 and conceded none.

xG and xA.png

Druss_the_Legend said…

Neto – 7 Couple of great saves. I know he has made mistakes but I still feel like we have a top keeper in goal

Aarons – 8.5 Real shame he went off. One of our very best recent signings. Absolute class
Zabarnyi – 7.5 Solid and effective, giving up very little
Senesi – 7.5 See Zabarnyi
Kelly – 8 Clearly picked to keep Newcastle’s best player quiet in Almiron. AI knew that with other players out, he was their main threat. Marshaled him well.

Christie – 9 Would have got more but his shot was saved. ;) How can people watch him play like that and think he’s not good enough? In the style we play he is the first name on the team sheet.
Cook – 9 When you play the style we do, you need someone willing to do the hard work covering all the gaps your attacks create, Cook did that and then some last night. Superb

Kluivert – 7.5 Another performance that shows the improvement our attacking lineup is making now they understand the task asked of them. Marked down slightly for decision-making.
Tavernier – 8 Why oh why do we not pass more to this man when free? If anyone has the full match on record, please count how many times he was free in the box and not passed to. Another vital part of the jigsaw.
Semenyo – 8.5 Pace and power. Wins far more headers than he deserves to.
Solanke – 9 The first goal was underrated on MOTD. His reaction and pace to get ahead of the defenders to the ball and then the finish.. “chefs kiss”. Please, footballing gods, wrap this man up in bubble wrap and keep him safe all season.

It’s easy to go over the top after one good win, at home, against a team that, yes, have a stupid amount of players out right now. But when this forum is super negative after every loss, close or not, we have to enjoy these moments. Along with a reminder that Eddie’s Newcastle have taken just 2 points off us in 3 games.

By the way…watch Sememyo’s reaction to our second going in. I’m really beginning to love this guy. To join the conversation, click here.

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