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Parker pays tribute to backroom staff at Bournemouth

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Over the past decade, AFC Bournemouth supporters have gotten very used to the backroom staff behind the management of former manager Eddie Howe. Assistant Jason Tindall, first-team coaches Stephen Purches and Simon Weatherstone, head of sports science Dan Hodges, goalkeeper coach Neil Moss and physio Steve Hard.

Following the departure of Eddie Howe, all of the above have slowly departed Dean Court, Tindall the first to leave after having a short stint as manager, then Purches, Weatherstone, Moss and hard following the arrival of Scott Parker over the summer.

The last to leave was Hodges, who this week joined up with Howe, Tindall, Purches and Weatherstone at Newcastle United.

Club managers, or head coaches as they are now more frequently known, often come with their own backroom staff and current AFC Bournemouth head coach Scott Parker is no different.

When he first arrived on the south coast, his backroom staff were instantly announced as well.

Matt Wells was announced as the new assistant head coach, Rob Burch as first-team goalkeeping coach, Alastair Harris as head of performance, Charlie Moore as lead physical performance coach and Jonathan Hill as first-team head analyst.

During their so far brief spell on the south coast, the backroom staff haven’t really stepped up into the spotlight very often, but if you watch the AFC Bournemouth backroom team on a match day, you’ll notice a fluidity to their movements on the touchline. With one stepping in to stand with Parker, whilst another goes and sits down. For a set-piece, particularly a corner, Gary O’Neil who has remained at Dean Court following the departure of Jonathan Woodgate, will step up or when defending Burch will move forward and so on and so on.

It gives a glimpse at an interesting dynamic amongst Parker and his own team behind the scenes of AFC Bournemouth, a team that have won the manager of the month award for two consecutive months.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Parker was asked about his assistant Matt Wells…

“He’s massive. Without him I would be half of the person I am, That’s part and parcel of having teams and I am fortunate enough that I have an amazing support network around me and my staff.

“Matt is one of them and I have built up a very good relationship professionally, first and foremost, when we first met at Spurs under-18s.

“Professionally there is a very good working relationship and then outside of that of course, I think we both compliment each other really well.

“He’s a massive driver for what we do, what we have done together – a long with the other guys as well to be honest with you.

“You asked me the question solely about Matt, so I’ll answer that. He is the main reason why I am able to do what I can do – we work with each other very well.”

Your say…

Def_II_Royalz wrote…

I thought Parker would do alright but I didn’t have too many expectations going into the season. He’s blown me away, to be honest. Can only assume that the Fulham squad he worked with is not as good as it seems on paper and/or he just didn’t have the support behind the scenes to enact his vision. He didn’t panic at the start of the season and the way he has us playing now is coherent, purposeful and increasingly entertaining. The only problem is he didn’t graduate from the boot room so it’s going to be that much easier for him to take a better job when it comes! – Join the conversation, click here.

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