Date: 18th December 2017 at 7:12pm
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe is excited by the proposed new training complex receiving approval by the Borough of Poole, subject to Secretary of State referral.

In August, AFC Bournemouth submitted plans for a new training ground complex at Canford Magna.

The 57-acre Canford Magna Golf Club site could, if plans are approved, ten full-size pitches, three junior pitches, an indoor artificial playing surface, state-of-the-art medical, fitness, sports science and rehabilitation facilities, administrative space and a press conference theatre.

The complex would be used by AFC Bournemouth’s first team, development squad, academy and pre-academy training operations.

Councillors unanimously voted in favour of the development, which will now be referred to the Secretary of State.

AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told the Daily Echo

‘…It is what we desperately need, I feel, to make sure we leave a legacy from our time in the Premier League. We want that to last forever.

“Football is such an unpredictable game but the things that don`t change behind the scenes are the infrastructure and the platform you lay for future generations.

“Making sure all our youth and academy teams and everybody who is training with Bournemouth is at the same base in good facilities, is absolutely key to the future of the club.

“Hopefully we are through the main hurdles. We still have a couple to go through but I think it is fantastic news for everyone connected with Bournemouth.”

Your Say…

Sam AFCB wrote…

the council by law have to refer the plans to Secretary of state as the main build is 1000sqm and on green belt land. The S of S then has 21 days to do one of the four following options.
1. S of S can say they are happy and return it back to the council within the 21 days for them to make the decision.

2. S of S just lets the 21 days pass, it will then go back to the council to make the decision.

3.S of S can issue a holding direction which allows them more time to access the plans/ask any questions or for additional reports.

4. S of S Can call it in which means a public inquiry.

Personally from what I know and have asked people that submit plans regularly they think it will be options 1 or 2 with a very small chance of 3.So if say it ends up being option 2, and assuming the S of S receives everything on Monday the 8th January would be the earliest the council could grant permission, but depending on the council’s rules they might not be able to grant it until the next Planning Committee meeting which is on the 25th January.
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