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Fulham v AFCB – Highlights & Reaction

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AFC Bournemouth traveled to London on Saturday to face. Craven Cottage had been a successful hunting ground for the Cherries in recent seasons with memorable results there in both the Premier League and the Championship.

However, it wasn’t to be on this occasion as the hosts were far less hospitable on this occasion, taking advantage of Lewis Cook’s early slip to give them momentum that they built on throughout the game.

Meanwhile, the Cherries were never at their best and having virtually started on the backfoot, they just couldn’t get themselves back into the contest.

After the game, AFC Bournemouth head coach Andoni Iraola told Sky Sports

“I think we conceded too much at the beginning of the game, and that’s the main reason we didn’t get anything from today.

“I will say, after 2-0 I think the team did a lot of very good things. We arrived a lot [in their box], we created a lot of chances.

“We put them under pressure, but we conceded too much at the beginning.

“The first goal it happens – a player that slips in a dangerous position.

“But the second one we had the numbers to deal with the cross much better…

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O. Dango

O. Dango

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Someone else

Topfarrier said…

Cracking game of football….not our day but have to say I love this team……all you can ask for is maximum effort….the players ran themselves into the ground and created a ton of chances…I can accept losses like that.

Vlad_The_Impaler added…

Bad day, at least Luton lost.
3 more wins should do it, after Newcastle and City we have 7 games in a row, 6 of which are below us and Wolves away. Hopefully, we get the job done and find better form in those 7 key games.


We kept trying till the final whistle, but couldn’t get past Tim Ream who defended well.

At least some minutes for Faivre and Unal.

Letting one in early after an error from Cook, and some terrible defending for the second and Fulhams third we were always up against it.

Lost the game in the middle of the park today and Willian looked great for 35.


Had it not been for a couple of mistakes (these things happen) it might have been a different game. However a great effort all round, we never gave up and were thwarted by a solid Fulham defence – Ream was outstanding.

Impressed with what I briefly saw of Unal and Faivre too and good to see Dango back. We’ll be fine. Onwards and upwards.

robber button

As a whole I didn’t think the performance was that bad, particularly second half. First half, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, but we were very easy to play through. On the plus side, 25 shots on goal away from home is not to be sniffed at, even if they were nearly all off target.

The goals were all poor. Cook slipped, personally I think that is just one of those things rather than a massive howler, but it did give Fulham just the start they wanted.

Second goal, maybe Kelly could have challenged for the header if he’d been in a better position, but even after that, Zab and Neto were both favourites to get that ball, and somehow Muniz got there first!

Third goal, Muniz pulls off to the far post and Zab stays central, Kerkez follows his man to the centre – now either both defenders need to follow their man or both have to pass them on – not one do one thing and the other do another.

I enjoyed the game and if we’d not conceded almost immediately after getting one back, it could have been a different story.

Yes, Neto bore some of the blame for the second goal, but didn’t think he was the reason we lost.

Senesi scored a good goal, but looked leggy to me. Tav looks well off it at the moment and does need to use his right foot, just occasionally. Him and Smithy arguing just being half time summed up that half.

Would like to see someone a bit closer to Dom – often it’s a pretty thankless task up there.

Couldn’t believe quite how quiet the ground was (I used to go as a neutral sometimes about 15 years ago when I lived in Putney) – To join the conversation, click here.

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