Date: 31st December 2020 at 9:17am
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Written by kirsikka

Brentford v AFC Bournemouth – Match Report – Click here

– Play like that in every match and I think we’ll be fine. The big question is, can we play like that against teams further down the table on a consistent basis?

– David Brooks is starting to be a conundrum. He should be the biggest threat in the team but he’s looked like a passenger in several recent matches.

– I don’t mind the loss as it happened on the back of AFC Bournemouth manager Jason Tindall chasing the win rather than settling for a point. The positive attitude against promotion rivals is one that I think will be rewarded if he’s brave enough to keep at it.

– Whilst it’s frustrating to cede points to Brentford we’re still very much in amongst it. However, the next match is now crucial to ensure we don’t drop into the pack.

– Left-back. No point repeating myself but if AFC Bournemouth owner Maxim Demin does want to spend this window, please let it be here.

– It was an absolute pudding of a pitch, one that you’d be disappointed to see in League Two, so finding it in a brand new stadium at a club vying for promotion to the Premier League is a bit odd. Both teams did well to attempt a passing game on it and the consolation I take is the longer the season goes on, the more cut up it will get meaning the harder Brentford will find it. Unless football is cancelled for a month or longer and they use that time to instigate some repairs, of course.

Man of the match against Brentford







Someone else

Someone else

— Player Ratings —

Begovic – 7
Standing tall once again. He’s doing his bit.

Smith – 7
Good going forward. I’d need to see the goal again before I could apportion full blame for losing his man on the second goal. Often left isolated by Brooks not tracking back, or maybe that was his CM’s fault?

S Cook – 6
Helped keep Toney quite but a little subdued.

Simpson – 7 and Man of the Match
One dodgy moment but also several high-quality ones. Helped keep the form man in the division off the scoresheet. MotM a very hard call this time but he gets it for stepping up. Well done.

Kelly – 6
Got the assist without which the mark would be lower. Totally skinned for the second goal, looked vulnerable and seemed to be targetted.

Lerma (off on 89) – 7
There were times when the midfield battle needed him and he was often exactly where he was required. Should have done better on the first goal.

L Cook (off on 69) – 6
One of his quieter matches of late although you could argue the second wouldn’t have been scored if he’d still been on the pitch.

Billing – 7
Aggressive chasing, some good passing and defending.

Brooks (off on 82) – 5

Solanke – 7
Good strikers finish and gave the defenders a lot to think about with his movement throughout.

Stanislas – 7
Very good first half when he pulled a lot of strings including great work on the goal. Quieter second period.

— Subs —

King (on from 69) – 6
Well, he was on the pitch and we looked more threatening but not sure how much he actually contributed to that.

Surridge (on from 83) – (unmarked)
Not sure he touched the ball. Not a criticism of him but I didn’t like the way we resorted to lumping it forward after he came on.

Gosling (on from 89)
Well, he touched the ball… no points though.

Overall grade: C+
It’s a result business and Tindall rolled the dice looking to win big but got snake eyes. A shame but he deserves credit for going for it.

It’s unfortunate that our last three away games have all been played on utterly abysmal pitches and in those matches we’ve only picked up two points. I suspect it’s just luck of the draw as I can’t recall earlier pitches being especially terrible. Let’s hope we’ve completed our quota of potato patches for the season.

On to the next match. Away to those friendly chaps at Stoke? Lovely.

Your say…

Brian Hutchings wrote…

It’s no good attaching Stigma to the Stoke fixture…no good at meaning …its just another football match against 11 players..none of which were there on the last occasion we played them….we don’t know that we will get roughed up…we could go there and rough them up this time.
One thing alone means anything – getting the ball in their net more than they get it in ours.
That’s it !….just that.
There will be no crowd to worry about. This time.
Whatever the pitch is like..or the wind or rain…it is of no consequence…its the same for both teams.
We just have to overcome all obstacles on the route to their goal.
Have we the bottle?
The Stokey might play like Brazil on Saturday…and we like Bashley or Stenhousemuir…it doesn’t matter… it’s about hitting the net when the chances occur!
Our Midfield has to start using their time to more effect to get the chances occurring at the right end instead of recycling the ball backwards…that’s the thing I would be filtering into their heads during today and Friday if I was JT. – Join the conversation, click here.

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