Date: 27th September 2019 at 5:25am
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Written by Uttoxeter cherry

Well, that was as bad a performance as I can remember since the last worst performance I witnessed at Wolves last season.

This was a team boasting players with multi-million price tags in Kelly, Mepham and Solanke and an England midfielder in Cook. It also included a want-away winger in Fraser, who since big teams showed interest, seems to have lost all form. Let’s not forget panto villain Jordan Ibe and a returning club captain. This was not a reserve team, especially if you add in the Wilsons who came on 2nd half and our 2nd Dutch international, Danjuma.

So where did it go wrong…. we began by bossing possession and looked in very little difficulty. But it became obvious what the game plan was within this opening phase and Burton we’re equal to it. Travers to Simpson to Fraser… turn back… Pass to Simpson… across the back to Francis… turn back… pass to Travers and repeat ….and REPEAT…. we’ve all seen this before so it will come as no surprise. Burton press higher and force mistakes and we’re suddenly under pressure.

So either adapt and play the occasional long ball or play it to your dynamic midfielders. However Cook had a complete mare of a performance, and Surman is rarely inspiring, and Solanke must be wearing Teflon, such was his inability to hold up anything.

Burton’s first goal came from a Travers error, where his wayward throw was intercepted, the ball crossed into the box before eventually arriving at the far post where Sarkic was in acres of space to bury it in the net.

How would we react? Well with more of the same really. No urgency, no passion, no drive. I think Fraser worked the keeper at the very end of the half, but other than that, there’s very little to write about.

HT 1-0 Burton

Kilkenny was unfortunate to be sacrificed for H Wilson at half time. He definitely shows promise and did try to be positive with the ball.

Ibe made his normal runs, usually ending up by beating himself.
H Wilson’s touch was frequently heavy, Cook was finding it difficult to pass or tackle while Surman prodded and poked in midfield like a child with a stick at a dead rat.

The most entertaining event was the floodlight failures which mercifully threatened to end the torture. At one point it was seemingly over, as by the 3rd plunge into darkness, the ref blew up and the crowd started to disperse. Hallelujah, we’ll get a replay and an undeserved reset to 0-0. Alas, the players returned.

In desperation, Eddie sent on Callum and Danjuma, the latter who did show some attacking intent but who’s understanding with Kelly was non-existent.

Burton got a breakaway second and could have won by more. Last gasp defending on the line prevented more humiliation as Burton finished by far the better team.

So another very poor cup game. Why do we bother…Because we love our club and hope that we will learn from the previous mistakes of throwing together a makeshift team. More worryingly, as stated previously, this team should have done so much better.

Travers 5 -made some saves to keep the score down but at fault for goal and some poor distribution
Francis5 – good to see him back but ineffective at right-back
Mepham6 – better than Simpson
Simpson4- really shaky
Kelly- 5 any better than Rico?
Fraser5- worrying poor
Cook4- worrying very poor
Surman5 – kept trying but to no effect
Kilkenny6 positive with the ball at times
Ibe- 4 I just don’t think he has a football brain
Solanke- 4 jury still out? 19 million looks a lot….

H Wilson4 – nothing came off and terrible free-kick
Danjuma6- hints of quality
C Wilson5- ineffective

MOM – really difficult …Danjuma?
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