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Stat Attack – West Ham v AFCB


Written by Matt Stevenson

Here is the xG from a game of few chances. AFCB took the lead early following Phillips’ mistake allowing Solanke to hit it first time into a largely unguarded net (rated 35% which seems very low). The next 30 minutes were relatively quiet (xGs of 0.02 for W Ham and 0.16 for AFCB). Semenyo then had a big chance being slid in by Solanke (rated 2 in 5) but his shot was too close to Areola. Three minutes later, W Ham had their first real chance with Bowen’s skimmed header being saved. (rated 1 in 3). On the stroke of half-time Semenyo had another chance (1 in 11) tipped over. At the interval, the xG was W Ham 0.40 and AFCB 1.00. The second half was quite dull, with AFCB creating only 3 half chances and W Ham likewise apart from the penalty in the 60th minute. The surprise was that the ref didn’t give it directly but went to VAR instead. Ward-Prowse put it down the centre (76%) to equalise. This large rating swung the final xGs which were W Ham 1.31 AFCB 1.13, with Opta having it as W Ham 1.39 and AFCB 1.20. A 1-1 result appears fair.

xG timeline.png

The average positions show that AFCB players were pushing relatively high with only the back 4 and Cook (4) being in our own half. There’s nothing remarkable about the remaining positions although when he came on Kluivert (19) was the furthest forward. Sinisterra (17) coming on meant Tavernier (16) moving across. Kerkez (3) was a like-for-like swap with Kelly (5) the same with Faivre (8) replacing Tavernier.

Av Pos.png

Christie had the most touches in total (80), whilst Tavernier had the highest in the opposition half (57) the second-highest total this season, and in the final third with 41.


AFCB had 31 touches in the opposition’s penalty area with Solanke having 7 and Sinisterra having 5 despite only playing 30 minutes.

Pen Area Touches.png

Senesi attempted 64 passes and Cook 60. Cook attempted most in the opposition’s half (29) followed by Tavernier with 28, the latter making most in the final third with 23. We averaged 77% completion, with only Scott of starting players having a record better than 85% with 94%. Kluivert was only successful in 3 of 8 passes whilst Faivre made 5 of 5.

All passes.png
Pass Opp Half.png

AFCB attempted 13 crosses, being successful with 3 (Scott only completed 1 in 7).


Our players tried to take on a man 19 times being successful 7 times. Christie was successful 3 out of 3 attempts and Solanke 2 from 3.

Take Ons.png

AFCB created 7 chances (1 big, Semenyo’s shot at Areola). W Ham created 7 chances with one big (Bowen’s flicked header).

Chances Created.png

We had 9 attempts (two big) noting that chances can be provided after saves, deflections or a defensive error and not created, which is a season-high. We hit the target 4 times. W Ham had 9 attempts, 2 big, and hit the target 3 times.


AFCB won 18 of 42 aerials duals. Cook won 2 from 2 and Semenyo 4 from 5.


AFCB won 21 of 33 tackles. Kelly had the best figures with 5 from 5.


Christie made the most defensive actions with 23 the second-highest of the season after Cook’s 26 at Man Utd. Christie made the most interceptions (4), recoveries (15), and joint most clearances (4) with Senesi. Kerkez, Senesi and Zabarnyi each made a block.


According to Opta, AFCB made no errors leading to a goal or chance. This means that fouls that give away penalties aren’t counted as errors

The foul count was AFCB 11, W Ham 12. Christie and Kelly made the most fouls (3). Christie, Cook, and Scott were fouled the most (2).


The Opta expected goals had Solanke (0.53) as the most likely to score for AFCB with Semenyo (0.40) next. For assists, Tavernier (0.10) was the only player in double figures although I don’t understand why the value for Solanke who set up Semenyo is so low.

xG and xA.png
Your say…

SlowDownDerek said…

Their chance just before 40 minutes is a funny one because it was a good chance but you’d also think their offside player in front of the keeper would have been adjudged to be interfering, which I assume would have meant it would have been struck off xG stats if he’d scored?

Matt Stevenson replied…

I expect so, as the other good chance we created last night, when Tavernier shot at the keeper, got chalked off for offside earlier in the move. – To join the conversation, click here.



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