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Stat Attack – Manchester City v AFCB

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Written by Matt Stevenson

Here’s the xG from the Man C game. Just looking at the xG values, particularly the Opta one, the Man C 1.95 AFCB 0.91 suggests that a 6-1 scoreline was harsh, although City were clinical and it was a bad day to play them. Coming up to the half hour mark the xG was very respectable: Man C 0.50 AFCB 0.00 – our value wasn’t good, but we had stopped City from creating much with a Haaland blocked shot rated 1 in 6 being the best effort. Then there was a 7-minute burst that killed the game. First Doku placed one in the corner (rated 1 in 10) then Silva scored after dazzling footwork from Doku (rated 1 in 8) and then irritatingly Doku sliced a shot (rated 1 in 33) wide only for it to hit Akanji and go in (rated 1 in 8 although I’m not sure how you rate attempts you don’t know about). The storm subsided until half time and with AFCB having two small chances the xG was Man C 1.01 and AFC 0.10. Not much happened in the next 15 minutes apart from a Solanke goal ruled out for offside. In the 63 minute Foden finished to make it 4-0 (rated 1 in 7). We got a goal though, a superb pass from Kelly out wide to Aarons who just beat the offside trap. He squared it to Sinisterra who also was just onside, who cut back onto his right foot and scored past two defenders diving in and Ederson (rated 1 in 3). There was still time for two more City goals and their best chance of the game. Silva beating the offside trap, going past Kelly and dinking it over Radu for 5-1 (rated 2 in 5) and Ake with a diving header for 6-1 that is only rated at 1 in 7 when it looked a much bigger chance. In added on time Kovacic had the chance of the match (rated 1 in 2) but hit it straight at Radu. At the end of the match the xG was Man C 2.40 AFCB 0.64 although Opta had it closer. At least we won’t have to go back to the Etihad in the league this season.

xG Timeline.JPG

Man of the Match against Manchester City







Someone that didn't start with an S

Someone that didn't start with an S

No one

No one

The most notable thing for me on the average position was how wide Mepham (6) played. It looked like we intended to play a central three with Mepham, Zabarnyi (27) and Kelly (5) trying to push on Aarons (37) and Kerkez (3) as much as possible. The fact that Mepham was substituted at half time may be due to this not working (but could be injury) but Senesi (25) played as the left of the three with Kelly and Zarbanyi shuffling over. It is also interesting that Rothwell (8) who replaced the injured Scott (14) played much higher than Scott, with potentially Philip (29) sitting deeper – it was hard to tell from my position. Four of the substitutes were in the highest six positional wise with Kluivert (19), a late sub for Solanke (9), highest.

Av Pos.JPG
Zabarnyi had most touches of the ball with 73 followed by Kelly 60. Christie had most touches in Man C’s half (21) with Solanke having 10 in the final third.


We had 13 touches in the opposition’s penalty area, Christie having 4 of these with the rest spread through the team.

Pen Area Touches.png
Zabarnyi and Kelly attempted most passes, 65 and 54 respectively. Christie attempted most in the opposition half (14) followed by Aarons (12) with Tavernier (8) and Aarons (7) having most in the final third. Of the starting 11, Scott had the highest accuracy with 100% (21 from 21) although Zabarnyi made 63 of 65 passes (97%).

All Passes.png
Pass Opp Half.png
AFCB attempted 5 crosses, being successful with 1 (from Rothwell).


Our players tried to take on a man only 5 times (the average has been over 20 times), being successful once through Rothwell.

Take Ons.png
We created 4 chances (one big – which was the goal. Man C created 20 chances with three big.

Chances created.png

We had 5 attempts (1 big) noting that chances can be provided after saves, deflections or a defensive error and not created. We hit the target once although Solanke was unlucky as a tough effort thudded back off the woodwork. Man C had 21 attempts, 3 big, and hit the target 8 times.

AFCB won 3 of 7 aerials duals the total value being so low as Man C kept the ball on the ground.


AFCB won 7 out of 16 tackles which is again a low number showing Man City’s ability to keep the ball safe. Senesi won 2 out of 2 and Christie 2 out of 3.

Three players (Kelly, Kerkez and Radu) had 9 defensive actions, again a low highest number. Christie made most interceptions, Radu made most recoveries, Kerkez made most clearances whilst Kelly made most blocks.


According to Opta AFCB made no errors that led to a chance (and therefore, by extension a goal).

Zabarnyi gave away most fouls (2) whilst Christie and Scott were our most fouled player (2 times). There was one booking, Billing for stopping a quick restart (I think)


Solanke had the highest xG (0.59) Sinisterra had 0.28; no-one else was above 0.05. Aarons and Senesi had the highest xGA at 0.36 and 0.24 respectively.

xG and xA.png

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