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Stat Attack – Brighton v AFCB

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Written by Matt Stevenson

Here’s the xG from the Brighton game. It frustratingly shows how much we restricted Brighton to hardly any chances for all but the closing minutes of the first half. We hadn’t had many chances but Christie’s pressing deflected the ball from the keeper to Solanke and with Verbruggen in no-man’s land Solanke put it wide of him to make it 1-0 (rated 1 in 4). The largely uneventful first half would have been what AFCB wanted and at 44 minutes the xG was Brighton 0.07 and AFCB 0.39. However, pushing into added-on time in the first half, Brighton had a flurry of small chances and a cross from the left skimmed of Kerkez’s head and over Neto to make it 1-1. Like many, I think the keeper should have cleared everything out, maybe he called but wasn’t heard. At half-time, it was Brighton 0.31 and AFCB 0.39. At half-time Brighton brought on Mitoma, a very good player, and Fati on loan from Barcelona and within the first minute of the second half, it was 2-1. From our kick-off we were hesitant, and Billing’s attempted pass was cut out, from then on it was a good move from Brighton leaving Mitoma with a relatively easy chance (rated 3 in 5). Two goals conceded within a few minutes of playing time from a comfortable position was a blow to AFCB and the game went quiet for 30 minutes, with the only chance being Fati’s miscue when he had a good chance (1 in 3). The result looked settled in the 76th minute when Mitoma stole in between the centre-backs to head home (rated 54%). AFCB managed two more good chances with a Solanke effort cleared off the line (rated (3 in 5) and Brooks’ shot charged down well (1 in 3) but the game ended 3-1. The final xG was Brighton 2.15 and AFCB 1.59. Opta had it down as Brighton 1.85 and AFCB 1.14.

xG Timeline.JPG
The average positions don’t seem as structurally robust as in recent games. Aarons (37) seems to be noticeably behind the centre backs, Kelly (5) and Zabarnyi (27) with Kerkez (3) in advance. Cook (4) was the more holding midfielder, a little behind Christie (10) who was behind Philip (29). Philip’s position was similar to Solanke’s (9). There is a notable cluster towards the centre of the pitch from goal to goal. Tavernier (16) played higher on the right than Kluivert (17) did on the left. In the 65 minute, Brooks (7) and Ouattara (11) replaced Tavernier and Kluivert. Brooks largely played on the right, although Ouattara also appeared right of centre. I’m not sure what other formation changes occurred at this point. In the 82nd minute, there was a treble sub, Kelly, Christie and Philip being replaced by Traore (22), Semenyo (24) and Senesi (25). The average positions of these are a little unexpected probably as Brighton had possession as Traore was very deep, and Senesi was more on the right side having replaced Kelly (the left-sided defender) although Semenyo played furthest forward spearheading attacks.

Av Pos.JPG
Cook and Zabarnyi had the most touches of the ball with 56 and 52 respectively. Philip had the most touches in Brighton’s half (29) followed by Christie (28) and Tavernier (26). In the final third, Tavernier had the most touches (20) followed by Philip with 19. Tavernier’s numbers are more impressive when he only played 65 minutes.


We had 25 touches in the opposition’s penalty area with 5 players having 3 or more touches.

Pen Area Touches.JPG
Cook attempted the most passes in total, 49, and in the opposition half, 16 which was the joint highest with Christie. Tavernier made the most passes in the final third (10). Of the starting 11, Cook had the highest accuracy with 94%. Our passing accuracy overall was 77%.

All Passes.JPG
Passes Opp Half.JPG
AFCB attempted 9 crosses, being successful with 2 (from Cook and Kerkez).


Our players tried to take on a man 26 times, being successful 16 times. Tavernier excelled with 4 success from 5 attempts and Semenyo had 3 from 3., Solanke was less successful with 0 from 3.

Take Ons.JPG
We created 8 chances (one big). Brighton created 11 chances with three big.

Chances Created.JPG

We had 12 attempts (3 big for Brooks and two for Solanke) noting that chances can be provided after saves, deflections or a defensive error and not created. We hit the target 3 times. Brighton had 13 attempts, 3 big, and hit the target 4 times.

AFCB won 1 of 12 aerials duals. In all games bar Spurs, we have won less than half, but this is the lowest so far.


AFCB won 24 out of 31 tackles with Philip winning most 4 (from 6), Aarons winning 3 from 3, and Kerkez and Zarbanyi 3 from 4.

Kelly had the most defensive actions with 18. Zabarnyi made the most interceptions, Kelly made most recoveries, the most clearances and the most blocks. Well done Kelly.


According to Opta AFCB made no mistakes leading to chances (and thus goals).

We committed 17 fouls, with Kerkez and Senesi having three each. As the Argentine came on in the 82nd minute, this was a high rate of foul. Kerkez was our most fouled player (3 times)

Solanke had the highest xG (0.53). Brooks was second with 0.28. In terms of xA no player had a value above 0.10. I don’t know why Christie’s block to Solanke wasn’t included, maybe the assist has to be a pass.

AFCB had an xGc of 1.85 and let in 3, so did worse than expected although Kerkez’s own goal would have not registered for Brighton.

xG and xA.JPG

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