Date: 20th August 2021 at 9:35am
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Written by kirsikka

For a whole host of reasons, I did not enjoy last season. It had the air of after the Lord Mayors show about it. There were rumours a club legend had been poorly treated which left a sour taste. There seemed a chaotic approach off the pitch and what happened on the pitch was often not much better. Results came but they often seemed a product of individuals rather than a team.

It’s weird. We finished sixth which, looking at it on a pure position level, should make it one of our best seasons in the last 30+ years. Not too often we’ve finished higher than sixth. Yet, somehow, the team was unlikeable. That doesn’t mean I didn’t support them but something felt off.

It could simply be the passage of a year but it feels totally different this season so far. We’ve started with 8-10 players out for our first few matches and little in the way of incoming players, which would normally be cause for finger-pointing and accusations of incompetence. Yet, instead of rumblings of discontent, there’s an air of hope.

The young players have been a breath of fresh air for sure, but I think also Parker’s arrival with a new backroom team has had a fresh broom effect. I’m onside and believing in them and their project until they show me otherwise.

Simply put, it’s nice to be enjoying football again rather than enduring it. Even if we’ve had to play against the odds so far in the league it’s still been fun.

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NWCherries98 wrote…

I think you have to give Parker most of the credit here; an easy way to hone in on how impressive he’s been is asking “would Jason Tindall, Jonathan Woodgate or possibly even Eddie Howe have gotten these results out of these particular players?”

Absolutely not, Eddie might’ve but not the Eddie Howe we saw at the end. If even someone like Philip Billing has totally bought into the vision, just imagine what we’re going to look like at full strength! I can’t wait for the season and I love this team. – Join the conversation, click here.

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