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Written by getinthere

As we only have 2 games left thought I would do my report. I know we all see games differently so will be interesting to see other views. My thoughts are also not based on contracts left

Begovic- seemed to lose it from Feb/March but otherwise solid. Needs to improve his ball distribution but is a great shot-stopper. Would like to see him catch the ball a bit more often instead of carrying away. Can see him as a mainstay for the next few years. 7/10

Boruc- assume we only kept him this year as triggered due to appearances last season. In the cup games was his usual reliable self but has been prone to making a few errors over the years. Can’t see him with us next season 5

Federici- unlucky with injuries but assume he will move on

Ramsdale- player for the future who hopefully under Moss tutelage and training side by side with Begovic will develop into our next keeper. Good to see him getting games on loan and if he goes out again hopefully at a slightly better placed team. Relegation is not good for any players confidence

Ake- everyone’s player of the season. Solid in defence along with scoring a complete of goals. Good header of ball in defence, his agility and great at blocking and challenging for any ball in the box. Perhaps needs the read the ball and improve his distribution but really struggling to find criticism. Eddie needs to build his defence around him 8

Francis- lacks a yard or so of pace in the last season or so. Plays better in central defence at times and then is at fault at times. Think his days at right back are over but will still play a big part next season. For a player who has received undeserved criticisms on social media he has still played 30+ games 6

S Cook- the most inconsistent season Cookie has ever had for us. To many poor game when he has been good he has been very good but also very poor ie Saints. His reading of the game is mediocre when other times is brilliant. Need someone else who can also take long throws ins. Great when he comes up from back and like Ake knocked in a couple of goals 6

Daniels- ditto Franno with pace. Hasn’t had the same kind of partnership as in previous seasons to dominate the wing. Alright in a back 3 or 4 but really not sure as a wing back. Had a bit of a blip and seemed to lose a bit of confidence but since bacon in the team has been consistent 6

Mings- a new fit player next season will be an attribute. A very positive character. Look forward to seeing him

A Smith- miss him in the team at present. Whatever job Eddie gives him, he always does it well whether it’s right, left, midfield or defence. Need him to stay fit. Only played 20 or so games this season. Love his pace but as right back can be found out at times 7

B Smith- should never have been played when not fully fit. Not sure he has a future at the club. 3

Fraser- played most recently as full back or wing back. One of our most improved players this season but do not see him in defensive role. Love his pace going forward and see him as a winger but dependent on Eddie’s preferred formation next year then the Wee Man may be on a big learning curve. Good at coming on as a sub as defences tire. Scored 4 this season and as we need to score more goals, could add a few more next season. One to watch 7

Simpson/ Butcher- from the occasional appearances good future ahead which is hopefully with us. Would assume both will go on loan for experience next season

Cargill- really wanted him to make a push for first team but can see him going out on loan again and leaving us for League 1 team in future.

Wiggins- can not see him playing again for us but hope he comes back from bad injury and plays at a reasonable level

Stanislas- good goal return with the amount he starts. Inconsistent at times and needs to improve in defence. Makes things happen up front and good at set pieces. Needs wrapping him in cotton wool to keep him fit. When playing on wing needs to stay out there 6

Pugh- fans favourite but not really an automatic starting 11 player but a good sub. Miss his turns. A good winger that others could learn from. Hope he has one more good season in him. We need someone who can swing a ball in like Pugh can. 5

Gosling- strong at times and breaks up play well. Done well to keep his place but he needs to be stronger and improve his ball distribution. Needs to contribute to goals or assists. Not sure he is the answer to central midfield when we play 4 but would like to see him in midfield of 5. 6

Surman- like a couple of the mature members of the squad, lacks a yard of space. Maybe our super sub next season as made a difference coming on as sub recently. One of the few talkers in the team. Like the way, he encourages Lewis Cook. 6

L. Cook- most improved player but needs better support in central midfield. Not the finished article but reads the game well. Needs to stop giving the ball away as much. Really looking forward to seeing more of him next season. Our spine of the team with Ake at the back and Lewis in midfield is a positive thought for the summer. Too early to play at World cup 7

Arter- has been too inconsistent due to injuries. Hope whatever has gone on behind closed doors can be rectified. We need a fit hungry Harry in midfield but a bit of fight in his belly. He is missed. Would like to see him build up a partnership with Lewis 5

Ibe- probably the most frustrating players. So much ability but only seen on irregular occasions. Needs to prove himself, pass the ball more and if playing on the wing stay there. Noticeably most of the season we have lacked width. If we play 4 in midfield would like to see him sitting in front of them with a fit Callum upfront 6

Hyndman/ Mahoney- really not seen enough but not sure they can start in a team together as both seemed lightweight. Will be interesting to see them in preseason

King- what a frustrating season. Too many niggling injuries. After the last half of last season really thought he was one to watch. Looking a bit more like his old self recently. Needs to work on fitness during summer and a fully fit Josh will be a joy to watch next season. To inconsistent but will play where ever Eddie puts him 6

Wilson- great having Callum back after his unfortunate injuries. Came back looking strong but for the last, 8 or So games can’t do a thing right. Hope he gets a bit more of a run of the green next season. One to watch. A fit Callum is a big player for us 6

Defoe- not really worked as yet but when he comes on as a sub makes a big impact. Hope he stays for next season. Think if Callum is fit will be used as a sub but not a bad one to bring on. Hopefully scores a few more goals next season. 6

Mousset- one to watch. Keep forgetting he is still so young. A good sub but not sure when he starts if he affects the game so much. His pace causes defences problems. Needs to get on the score sheet more and stay fit. 6

Afobe- shown at Wolves can still score. What went wrong? He seemed to lose all his confidence in front of goal. Too much has been said in the media but also some are taken out of context. Would like to see a confident Benny back in a Bournemouth shirt but suspect he will move on. Contributes a lot to defence at set pieces 5

Grabban- good to see Lewis knocking in the goals but think he will not be back to us. Good luck in the future

Who or what positions should we look at strengthening? To me defence- central and possibly left side, midfield and a goal scorer of at least 15 a year. A fit Callum along with Josh and Jermain could be the answers. Injuries hit every team and do we have the depth of squad for this.

19 players have made at least 10 appearances in the Premiership this season. Is this enough depth? Having more experienced players on the bench is expensive. Can’t imagine Eddie will go down this route.

Tinpot Club added…

My essential signings would be

Right-sided CB to partner Aké is the top priority. Has been the case for some time.

6 months ago I’d have said a new RB, but it’s actually at LB we need to improve. We might have more cover at LB, however, A Smith is PL quality and Daniels no longer is. We won’t improve by signing backup players, but we would improve upgrading the LB

A midfield controller to protect the back 4. Doesn’t need to be an old skool destroyer, just some who can make a challenge when needed. Also needs to be able to receive the ball calmly in tight situations and recycle possession efficiently.

My nice to have list

A genuine continental no. 10. We can’t keep asking strikers to play this role. It needs a genuine creator who can thread passes through

Back-up RB. Possibly a younger player from the lower leagues

A goal-scoring wing-forward. Not a player expected to protect a fullback in a 4 man midfield, but a genuine attacker

If Arter and / Gosling leave, a powerful box-to-box midfield. Doesn’t need to be that skilful, but someone who can run into the box and grab a few more goals.

Of course a 15+ goal a season striker would be nice. The fact that the top teams often struggle to find one shows it unlikely we could find one. This is the position we should stick to what we have. Get the rest of the team right and the system right and I could see King or Wilson not being far off this number.

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