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Bournemouth’s Transfer Window – The verdict

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Written by kirsikka

We went into the transfer window needing to address one massive hole in the team – an up and down left-back in the mould that AFC Bournemouth manager Jason Tindall wants his fullbacks to play, whether they are playing as wingbacks or in a four.

We spent weeks dancing around Matt Ritchie only to have his boyfriend to storm over from the bar and tell us he isn’t available just before closing time. Maybe we should have checked that out early on and moved to another target?

So, on the basis, it hasn’t been great.

I’m tentatively pleased with Pearson and understand the logic of Long but have no clue if he will be successful with us.

Still, a failure to land the number one target makes it a failure.

Time for Rico/Kelly/Zemura to step into that hole in the side and make it work.

SteveJonesLegend wrote…

Gosling = disappointed by how it was handled by I understand him leaving… Good luck to him
Simpson = I started to like what I saw from Jack, so if it was his choice then good luck to the lad
Ofoborh = Would like to have seen him feature more but was never really in the running so good luck to the lad… Needs to stay off Twitter
King = Pleased it’s done and we can move on

Long = Time will tell, but not gonna get on his back before he’s kicked a ball
Pearson = Excited, but unsure how he fits into our formation with our current mob
Wilshere = Excited

If you take that we don’t have the financial clout or Eddie Howe factor anymore, it is always going to be hard to attract players, however, Pearson and Wilshere seem good prospects… You then look that we tried to get Davies and Ritchie and if those had have come off we’d have probably said it was a good window…

As Kirsikka said though… we have failed to address our weak point (LB) so work needs to now be done on the training ground…

red_house wrote…

Left-back is a notoriously difficult role to fill in any league but you’d like to think we’re still looking, even for the summer window. The signing of Pearson was a masterstroke as was Wilshere on loan. As with Jack, Long’s only here for four months so I can’t agree with the criticism elsewhere, he adds to the squad for the short term and is better than nothing. I’m not too upset about the outgoings.

The main issue, as stated is that Max is still funding signings and supporting the management. Let’s see if the players and JT can turn things around, we might have a change in dynamics with a few new faces and experience including Woodgate.

northstandmark wrote…

Simpson and Ofoborh
Always a shame to see decent youth products leave and I’m surprised the club don’t see them as part of a potential rebuild if we fall short this season. But from Jack and Nnamdi’s perspective, I can understand their frustration being ‘on the verge of breaking through’ for years now.

BOTN podcast made a point the other day that Gosling was another of Howe’s lieutenants and maybe JT wants to stamp his own authority. Personally, I could understand looking to move him on given our other options, but I would never have sanctioned his move to a direct promotion rival. That is a mistake.

It was time to go. Our form earlier in the season without his involvement, compared to more recently since his return to the squad, it speaks for itself. Hopefully, the dressing room settles down a bit.

Quality signing, someone we’ve admired for a couple of years. I am frankly surprised we landed him.

No introduction needed. If he stays fit he’ll be very useful.

The jury is out. Experience and work rate and general ‘good egg’ can’t hurt the camp. He won’t contribute the goals we need, but hopefully, he rubs off on others in the squad.

We still have issues at full-back and perhaps goal-shy. Aside from that, the squad is strong as it was. Up to JT and the rest to find the right fit for all the pieces of the puzzle. – Join the conversation, click here.

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