Date: 4th September 2019 at 8:56am
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The 2019/20 Premier League campaign has been hugely controversial since the first kick-off of the new season.

Law changes have seen the game altered dramatically, from non-contested drop balls to the new goal kick rule, from how players being substituted leave the field, to handballs by attacking players in the build-up to goals.

There have never been so many changes to the beautiful game all in one go in the history of the sport.

But the biggest change has been the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee.

VAR has been widely criticised throughout the world following controversial decisions at both the UEFA Nations League finals, the FIFA Women’s World Cup and throughout its use in UEFA competitions and domestic leagues.

The Premier League has opted for a minimal interference approach from VAR, which has in the main prevented large stoppages in play. But its use has been seen as inconsistent.

So far this season AFC Bournemouth have seen a goal given for Sheffield United despite a potential handball in the build-up to their opening day equaliser and a clear red card not given to Leicester City during the weekends matches.

AFC Bournemouth defender Steve Cook told the Daily Echo

“…What’s the point in VAR? If the referee can’t see it, he’s got how many people watching the game?

“…There are so many grey areas with this VAR, it’s not good enough.

“I’m not a big fan of VAR so far. If there’s going to be discrepancies in the game then it should be down to the referee, linesman and the fourth official.

“When you are bringing in other people to help and they are not helping – it’s not ideal.”

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Neil Dawson wrote…

We wanted to avoid the overuse of Var that people didn’t like in previous tournaments so we have a British version where we look at the same time one angle replays to make sure the ref hasn’t made a massive error.

The alternative was to look at all decisions from all angles and take away the referee pretty much altogether.

I don’t want VAR but can see this isn’t doing it any favours. People are confused as to why it isn’t picking up what is blatantly obvious. We have seen it at first hand in our last two games, one decision for, one against. Two decisions were as clear as day in slow-mo from different angles. You either have it and use it exhaustively or don’t have it at all in my book. – Join the conversation, click here.

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