Date: 2nd January 2020 at 8:41am
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told the Daily Echo

“…With the amount of injuries that we’ve had, with the run of results we’ve had and we keep getting hit. Losing two players in the build-up to this game, incredibly difficult.

“There were players today playing who were not 100 per cent fit either so that’s not to make excuses and to try and shy away from what we’ve delivered, because it hasn’t been good enough. I thought the players gave everything today but we weren’t in the best physical condition to play…”

“…It’s the first time we’ve been in the relegation zone for a long time in our Premier League life, so I almost think that’s a good thing for us because that’s going to refocus energies and mindsets because we have to change something.

“Hopefully that’s the change that we need and then we unite as a club and then we achieve our objectives together.”

Written by kirsikka

Be careful what we wish for…

I’m genuinely surprised at the groundswell of opinion that seems to be gaining traction that Eddie Howe should go.

Lots of managers have a bad season before bouncing back. For example, if I remember David Moyes almost took Everton down before qualifying for the UEFA Champions League for the first time.

Eddie Howe built the house. There’s nobody else I would trust more to make the repairs.

If he did go, I suspect we’ll be in much bigger trouble in short order along with a manager merry-go-round.

blandford_cherry added…

I’m still in the he needs to stay camp. I’m not blaming Eddie I’m blaming injuries, if it’s Eddie’s training techniques that are causing it then that’s different but I think it’s just extremely bad luck.

Will AFCB get relegated?





Your say…

redharry said…

I don’t think its fair to push the blame towards AFC Bournemouth assistant manager Jason Tindall. For all, we know Tindall may be trying to bring new ideas in. No, they stand or fall together in my opinion.
I think it will come down to AFC Bournemouth owner Max Demin and Max alone. Is he prepared to keep going with Eddie Howe even if it means his investment is decimated by relegation? Or will he take a gamble on someone else?
What little we know of Max suggests a tolerant approach but I would not bet against that changing.

red_house wrote…

The buck stops with Max

I’m sure if he can stomach the financial issues involved with relegation he’d keep Eddie. I guess it depends how much is at risk- none of us know.

Let us be honest Injuries have hit the club hard, it’s all been a bit daft on that front.

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