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Vital Verdict – Sheffield United v AFCB

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Written by kirsikka

Felt like the team needed some fresh legs but Anthony was unlucky to miss out since he was merely mediocre midweek, compared to some of the shockers.

I don’t quite get what’s happening with Zemura. He can’t expect to spend his whole career with the same player in front of him but the way he is 30% less effective whenever Anthony isn’t playing is something he needs to work on. Fingers crossed the injury isn’t serious and he’s back soon.

Dembele has really quick feet but made some poor choices, whilst Christie was terrible on the other side.

First half, they targeted the long diagonal in behind our fullbacks as a way to get in behind and it was working. Smith and Zemura may need to be a little more circumspect with their runs forward, or L Cook needs to drop into that position if he sees one of them careering forward but leaving a gaping hole behind.

A competitive match with nothing between the two sides. It could have gone either way. The managers should have earned their corn out there since that was a game that could have been won with a clever tactical tweak. Or a moment of brilliance from an individual.

Haven’t actually tested the opposition keeper even once in the last two matches. Going forward there have been openings that could (and maybe should) have developed into real chances but lacked the quality to pick out the right run or play a good ball.

It’s a game that was been largely about the midfield battle and yet Billing had one of his mostly anonymous matches. We needed him to impose himself more.

Second half we looked a little better in spells but Parker didn’t really change anything. Again, we suffered from having no viable alternative to Christie. He was poor but there was no option to bring on for him so instead, the Dembele-Anthony swap was made.

Massive stroke of good fortune with the penalty that should have been given and a good save from Travers after the Phillips slip. That apart, not all that much happened. It was a battle of a match.

Overall, a point away there is a decent result. The lack of testing the keeper is a concern. I also think SP was a little passive in the way he could have chased the win. Fortune favours the bold, and all that.

Positive performances
Kelly – Much better from him. Marshalled the defence, covered for Zemura at times and was improved on the ball.

Lerma – Compared to his poor showing midweek he was much better, bringing the energy and aggression a match like this needed in midfield.

Room for improvement
Phillips – Slipped to let a SU player through on goal. Absolutely should have given away a penalty. No question the ref dropped a howler. I don’t get why he’s here. S Cook or Mepham are not in any way inferior as overall packages.

Billing – You saw him get on the ball twice in the second half and SU were terrified of him. Shame he only designed to get involved twice in 90 minutes.

Christie – Another absolute stinker from him. Really should be rotated out but our lopsided recruitment means we don’t have an option.

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Someone else

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Red_till_im_ded wrote…

Lucky to come away with a point thanks again, in no small measure, to Mark Travers. They wasted guilt-edged chances the best again coming straight down the middle over the top of the defence. Gibbs-White should’ve scored. Credit to the ref who wasn’t really swayed by the loud biased crowd and the constantly whinging UTD players but he did us a massive favour regarding the penalty which probably should have been given. We were pedestrian again at times and slow building up in attack. However, a tough place to go to against a more physical than skilful side and that point could be crucial. Zemura will be missed and we have to hope that Solanke can shake off the obvious injury he is carrying as our goal threat from other quarters is low. The games in hand are getting gobbled up and the potential of being up to 15 points clear in second has dwindled. Tough games ahead, let’s hope we are up for the fight !!

NWCherries98 added…

If I’m being pedantic I’d have Travers WAY in the positive performances list despite some wayward kicks. Unreal saves.

Lerma for me wasn’t particularly good at all, I thought Cook was better. Christie dreadful again. Thought Kelly was much improved.

Phillips for me, unfortunately, just doesn’t look that good. There are elements to his game that are good, but he seems unable to listen to and work with his defensive partner & keeper well. He slips an awful lot, is very last-ditch in his defending, quite panicky. Bit of an….‘AVE IT!’ throwback defender but not convinced by stuff like his positioning and concentration. – Join the conversation, click here.

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