Date: 25th February 2020 at 6:21am
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Written by Red_till_im_ded

That was the week that football died for me. Not only the Burnley v AFC Bournemouth match but the decisions at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea v Tottenham and the King Power for Leicester City v Manchester City. Add to that the midweek game between Chelsea and Manchester United, all those matches had decisions made that took the whole point of having a referee on the pitch pointless.

Referees no longer make important decisions. The Wolves boss on Sunday said the fans can’t celebrate scoring anymore simply because no one knows if it’s a goal. Garth Crooks was really passionate on his castigation of VAR and our referees, even referencing the fact that our referees aren’t chosen by FIFA to officiate in tournaments.

The game is in turmoil, what is the point of watching football at stadiums anymore? What is the point of travelling the length and breadth of the country to watch your team anymore? The state of our leagues officiating is at its lowest ever point. Simply put Mike Dean could have, or should have, looked at the pitchside monitor, made his decision and made that final call.

The PGMOL hide behind a faceless organisation, referees are locked away and sworn to silence? The FA are spineless and careful not to rock the boat.

Ask yourself this, if Liverpool had scored our first goal against Burnley would it have been disallowed? No.

Had Man City run the length of the pitch to equalise would they have been pulled back and a penalty awarded to the opposition a minute after the incident had happened? No.

Did Leicester deserve a penalty? Yes. Did they get it? No. The same offence, did Man city get a penalty? Yes.

VAR is wrong on so many counts.

Who monitors the VAR guys? Why aren’t they shown on-screen in their cubicles making decisions? Why can’t we hear what is being said between VAR and referee? It’s corrupt.
We have to do something on Saturday to show our anger at VAR and the effect it is having on our game. We need a ” Turn your back on VAR” campaign. An easy song and everyone turns around and faces away from the pitch.
We should take a red card and everyone hold a red card up at a point during the game with a song like ” it’s killing the game, it’s killing the game, VAR, it’s killing the game”.
We can’t take or accept this any longer

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Red_Dez wrote…

Hopefully, the players can come up with a decent goal celebration. Perhaps walk in the direction of our bench, scorer makes a telephone gesture as if he’s talking to someone whilst telling his teammates to back off, Neil Moss prominent visibly on the sideline viewing his tablet then gives the scorer the thumbs up Ancient Rome style and then players go mad aka Gozzers goal at Chelsea.

(obviously, they will have to wait for the confirmation that VAR hasn’t actually overruled the goal before we do anything!) – Join the conversation, click here.

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