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Top 7 places over last 20 seasons

This is our 4th season in the Premier League. There has been a lot of talk about getting into Europe or being relegated.

I took some time to look at the facts. What are the chances of finishing in the top 7 and becoming an established and sustainable Premier League team based on the last 20 seasons?

There are 7 teams that have been in the Premier League way longer than anyone else. Arsenal 100, Everton 65, Liverpool 57, Mufc 44, Spurs 41, Chelsea 30,Mcfc 17. A Total of 354 seasons.

The other 13 teams total 45 (consecutive) seasons. The most being West Ham and Southampton with 7 each.

In the past 10 seasons there have only been 9 out of 70 top 7 places occupied by a team outside of the longest serving 7.

These 9 places were occupied by 7 different teams. Villa (2), Southampton (2), Fulham, Newcastle, Leicester, West Ham and Burnley.

The ten seasons before that it was 24 places occupied by 10 teams:-
Leeds, Villa, Newcastle (4)
Blackburn (3)
Bolton, Sunderland, West Ham (2)
Ipswich, Charlton and Middlesbrough one each.

Many of these were seen as established Premier League teams.

Only 14 teams in 20 seasons finished in the top 7 other than the ‘big 7’. Of those 14 only 6 are still in the Premier League. 3 of those have been relegated and promoted since being in the top 7.

Full list here.
98/99 Leeds, West Ham, Villa
99/00 Leeds Villa Sunderland
00/01 Leeds Ipswich Sunderland
01/02 Newcastle Leeds West Ham
02/03 Newcastle Blackburn
03/04 Newcastle Villa Charlton
04/05 Bolton Middlesbrough
05/06 Blackburn Newcastle
06/07 Bolton
07/08 Villa Blackburn

08/09 Villa Fulham
09/10 Villa
11/12 Newcastle
14/15 Southampton
15/16 Leicester Southampton West Ham
17/18 Burnley
18/19 ?

The top 6 seem pretty set, 7th is up for grabs. Let’s see.

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Sorry Roger wrote…

To my mind playing in the Europa League is not exactly a glittering prize. It generates a miserable round of Thursday/Sunday football and puts a very big strain on a small squad. Particularly if qualifying rounds eat into pre-season as was the case at Burnley this year.

You might get a glamour tie against Milan but equally could find yourself playing at MSK Zilina of Slovakia. And before anyone else points it out, Zilina is a bit rundown but is an ok place with friendly people and good beer surrounded by attractive countryside. But then so is Huddersfield.

Sure some clubs and their managers have done well out of the Europa League, notably Sevilla, but ultimately that only led to them losing their manager. – Join the conversation, click here.

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