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Three Premier League games moved for television selection

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AFC Bournemouth have had three home games moved during the opening month of the Premier League season, following selections for television broadcast by Sky Sports.

The Cherries opening home fixture of the season against Newcastle United, a game in which the club are celebrating their 125-year anniversary, has now been moved to Sunday 25th August at 2pm.

AFC Bournemouth’s very next home fixture against Chelsea has also been moved by Sky Sports, it remains on Saturday 14th September, but with an evening 8pm kick-off.

The third game moved is the visit of near neighbours Southampton, which will now be shown on Sky Sports Monday Night Football on Monday 30th September with an 8pm kick-off.

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All other games for August and September should now remain unchanged.

October’s television selections will be announced on or around Monday 19th August. November’s selections will follow on (or around) Friday 13th September. December’s and January’s selections, including those games scheduled around the week of Boxing Day and the festive period, will be announced around the 14th October.

February’s broadcast games will be announced on 9th December, March’s games will be reported on 24th January, April’s to follow on 28th February.

Then, it gets really messy as Sky Sports and TNT Sport fight over selections for the Premier League run-in.

Selections for Gameweek 35, scheduled to be played between 2nd-5th May will be picked on 21st March, one week later on the 28th March and Gameweek 36 for games between 9th and 12th May will be picked.

The penultimate game of the season on Gameweek 37, played on the 18th and 19th May will be selected on 4th April.

The final weekend of the Premier League season, Gameweek 38, the games will be selected after Gameweek 37 has been concluded.

Your say…

Bishop said…

Why? Why should fans have to put up with this? I can tolerate games being moved to midday Saturday or at a push the early game on Sunday to accommodate Sky and their money but these given times are not acceptable in my eyes.
What consideration has been given to Newcastle fans to get to Bournemouth on a Sunday?
Most of the people I know work from 0700 on Monday to 1200 on Saturday. Saturday night and Sundays are precious time with your families, I live away and don’t have a season ticket but I respect those that do. I would be (I am) bloody annoyed by this blatant disregard of fans. – To join the conversation, click here.

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