Date: 2nd April 2020 at 7:00am
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Written by kirsikka

With no football on and suddenly a lot of time on my hands, I decided these can come out a little early. After all, who knows if the season will finish and it might be a small welcome distraction for some.

All my own opinion and liable to suffer from my memory being a bit pants meaning better options could have been overlooked. Still, hopefully, some nice (and a few not so nice) things to relive for you.

This is part 2, for part 1 click here.

— Worst Refereeing Decision Not Given To AFCB —
So many contenders but I can’t quite shake this non-given penalty from my head. Away to Stoke and Wilson is clean through and bearing down on goal when Shawcross goes through him like a herd of rabid elephants. You couldn’t see a clearer penalty and red card offence. The ref waves play on.

Skip to 40 seconds in:

(With thanks to Coobster for remembering which match it was in, I could only remember the incident)

— Worst Refereeing Decision Given Against AFCB —
There’s a long, long line of potential shockers but I’m going to have to call this one a tie.

1. Lerma getting sent off for Grealish throwing himself into JL. I still can’t get my head around that.

Skip to 7m 30 seconds in if you want a reminder.…fc-bournemouth-2-1-aston-villa/?autoplay=true

2. Refs and assistant refs spending the summer making sure they are completely conversant with new rules coming into the season. Then our first-ever league match away to Liverpool and we score what is a perfectly good goal but it’s disallowed.

Then Liverpool scores a goal that should, under the new rules, be disallowed but it’s allowed to stand. A decision so bad the PL actually sent a message to all the clubs saying this was an example of a goal that shouldn’t have stood under the new rules.

I think the JL sending off is worse but given the scenario of when it happened, the other probably smarted more.

— Worse Refereeing Decision Given In Favour Of AFCB —
I have no idea how this was given to this day, sometimes officials are a mystery.

Skip to 8:40 for Callum Wilson’s moment of magic

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Kudos wrote…

That the worst decision given in our favour in 5 seasons is the ball glancing off the upper arm says so much about officiating bias. Doubly so when there’s no VAR and the linesman is on the far side and it was legal if the ball touched your arm accidentally. – Join the conversation, click here.

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