Date: 14th March 2021 at 9:53am
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Written by DJ

AFC Bournemouth are now onto a third manager (Eddie Howe, Jason Tindall and Jonathan Woodgate) who is completely perplexed by the mental frailties of this set of players as a unit.

The majority of these players, can on their day, turn it on. They have all the potential and all the tools to play with. But together it just doesn’t click for any prolonged period of time.

It’s got to the point now that if we get 30 minutes of good football out of them Willo goes delirious.

At least last season we knew that under the management they had they would at least develop individually and hopefully as a group over time something would fall into place.

Now under such a short term vision, I just cannot see how it improves.

table wrote…

Having watched the same team performance for the umpteenth time, I’m resigned to our fate. We have a couple of short spells where we look like a potent attacking force, there’s a spell where we look organised in midfield and solid at the back.

Then there are spells where no one appears to have ever met any of their teammates but we ride our luck, other times we don’t. Spells where we retreat and appear unable to stop the opposition hypnotising us with their audacious ability to work hard for each other. There’s also always a time, where we needlessly shove opponents anywhere within 20 yards of our goal. This highlights our ability to always get the silver medal in the “get a head on the cross race”.

Our greatest ever manager couldn’t forge a team out of these players. His assistant looked incapable of achieving it. It pains me to say, as a determined rose-tinted happy clapper, but I think Jonathon Woodgate and posse are even wider of the mark. With the individual talents in that group of players, if he can’t find room for even a cameo from Jack Wilshere, I don’t hold out much hope. Echoes of Jimmy Quinn and Darren Anderton.

For a while now I’ve thought, as soon as the opposition start working hard as a team, we should have someone in the car park at Kings Park to lower the A.F.C.B flag and run a white one up the pole.

This season, it’s individually talented players being poorly managed by managers out of their depth, appointed by people unable to swim without the life jacket of Eddie Howe keeping them from drowning in their own sea of incompetence.

I hate being negative and desperately want to see Jonathon Woodgate and the players go on an amazing run but when the third goal went in, all myself and the Good lady did was, sigh, puff our cheeks and shrug our shoulders. It wasn’t unexpected and hadn’t been for all the second half, it certainly didn’t change our expectations with the subs.

But on we go, the belief starting to stir that we’ll win the next 2 matches and have an incredible season’s end : ) – Join the conversation, click here.

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