Date: 12th February 2020 at 8:31am
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AFC Bournemouth and the Premier League are having an ongoing dialogue regarding a complaint about referee Jon Moss. The alleged comments were made during the Cherries 2-1 defeat to Sheffield United at Bramall Lane on Sunday 9th February.

The unusual step, that PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), the professional organisation of match officials for the Premier League, have refused to comment on, came after Cherries midfielder Dan Gosling opted to speak out about comments the referee made during the match.

Gosling has stated that referee Jon Moss made sarcastic comments regarding AFC Bournemouth performance during the match and their current plight at the foot of the table in the top flight of English football.

AFC Bournemouth midfielder Dan Gosling told the Daily Echo

“…little comments to two or three of the lads didn’t help as well really…

“…It was just the little niggly ones and then the little sarky comments.

“The officials talk about respect at the start of the season and there was zero respect from Jon Moss on Sunday.

“I thought he was a disgrace. The comments that he made especially to me and one other player – talking about the relegation zone and ‘you’re still in the relegation zone’, ‘you’re having one’, ‘your team’s having one’ this and that and it was very, very disrespectful…”

“…I think he should really come out and apologise because I thought he was a disgrace.”

In All Departments wrote…

This is quite a story… groundbreaking even and put into the public domain when we’re generally pretty quiet and outwardly tolerant of referees. It has authenticity in its “you wouldn’t make it up” feel.

My guess is that this is an attempt by the club to make a point to the PGMOL following a season when the referees have quite clearly had a predisposed view of our perceived diving and Lerma’s perceived “enforcer” role when others seem to continue with impunity, last week’s Grealish show being a prime example and, say, gentlemen Mark Noble’s blatant dive at West Ham.

Of course, you can’t accuse them of a viewpoint so when someone as stupid as Moss actually says something you do have something with which to at least make a case.

Obviously it’s still impossible to prove and will be refuted but it will attract publicity and hasn’t got out by accident. It might enable the club to raise some of the wider issues privately and to push an envelope to the PGMOL before the run-in to the season.

Coobster added…

If true, and there’s no real reason for Gosso to lie, then it does make you question some of the other refereeing performances we’ve had.

A couple of things about ref’s at this level. They’re all professionals, so don’t have a day job. There should, therefore, be a minimum fitness requirement and weight – height (so BMI?) value that they should need to adhere to. They’re also paid very well compared to a ‘normal’ salary and so that should be something they need to keep to, to keep this salary.

Secondly, why don’t we import refs from around the world? Then we wouldn’t have these sub-standard (or not quite so bad) refs. Pay them a bit more – I mean the Premier League can afford it, as they will need to move country etc.

Think of the leagues such as the Swiss, Norwegian, Australian A-League (isn’t one of their old refs in the Championship now??) etc, they must have some stand out refs that would love the chance to better their game and their salary over here. – Join the conversation, click here.

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5 Replies to “Premier League in discussions regarding disgraceful referee”

  • Well I think this smells of sour grapes to be honest.I witnessed a ref on Sunday who did a decent job which is not always the case .What I was really surprised about as far as the cherries are concerned is the play acting which has crept in to their game .I was a fan of their manager and always thought he was one of the good guys in the prem I was really shocked about how he allows his team to play act and the diving which took place.They mention Grealish who I also have witnessed on a few occasions diving to the ground at every opportunity he has .May be they are getting rumbled I think they should look at the way they are trying to cheat before they accuse others of misgivings.

  • There was nothing ‘perceived’ about Bournemouth players diving v blades on Sunday. It was a disgraceful attempt to try and con the ref. The incident where Egan challenged the Bournemouth player which led to surnam pushing wilder was highlighted as a case in point. The player rolled around in agony for several minutes clutching his head. Replays showed Egan never touched him. This happened numerous times in the 1st half from the moment after Bournemouth scored until the blades equalised. From that moment onwards Bournmouths players continued to dive at every opportunity but their own players stopped kicking the ball out regardless of how long their own players rolled around in agony. Clearly they knew they were play acting and the whole team must be playing to orders. The attempts to get players booked were even more cynical. I’m not surprised the ref had a word with them – he was probably suggesting they might stand a better chance of avoiding relegation by trying to play football instead of cheating. How ironic then that uniteds equaliser came in injury time added on for time wasted by Bournemouth. Karma.

  • I watched the game from the Sheffield away end and it did strike me that the ref was a bit of a rabbit in the headlights. I am not entirely sure what our boys thought they were playing at most of the time. After 20 minutes (in which we looked amazing) we became men against boys. As if we were being bullied and crying everytime we didn’t get our own way. I am ashamed to say we tried to be ‘professional’ and win undeserved freekicks and yellow cards for Sheffield and it mostly didn’t work. This meant 4 MINUTES added time at the end of the 1st half (there was only 3 in the 2nd after numerous substitutes)! And guess what. Billy Sharp scored in first-half stoppage time! A man who deserves to be in League One. They don’t score that goal, we win the game in my opinion. As for Moss making unprofessional remarks, good luck proving that (unless Sheffield own up to it too?). But this all smacks of excuses to me. I don’t want excuses. I want to see the boys fight for every point just as hard as Sheffield United do.

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