Date: 6th March 2020 at 9:54am
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Written by AlGard

Kenny Allen – Huge. Will collect everything swung into the box, without even having to jump.

Tommy Heffernan – Will stop those overlapping runs of Alexander-Arnold by simply dumping him in the stand. Let’s face it, boys of that age should be watching the big boys play, not taking part.

Russell Beardsmore – The Scouse fans will be too busy booing an ex-Manchester United player to notice what is going on on the rest of the pitch.

Chris Casper – Same as above. Nothing like the Scouse hatred for Mancs.

John Williams – That Salah guy ain’t gonna score if he can’t walk after 30 seconds.

Simon Francis – Well, he is going to be picked anyway.

Jefferson Lerma – Steel in midfield. “Do you want some Wijnaldum” is almost a good chant.

Ian Bishop – Would make Henderson, LeLlama and their ilk look uncultured and slow.

Steve Fletcher – van Dijk ain’t been battered by a proper centre forward all season. “‘Ave some of Fletch”

Ted McDougall – There’s the winning goal on his return to Anfield.

Alan Groves – OK, he will leave the team hotel on Friday, go out, get ratted, sh4g a few slappers, return to the hotel in time for breakfast and the team talk, eat a huge lunch, smoke 20 Rothmans, and still roast Gomez and Robertson all afternoon.

Liverpool 0 AFCB 1 – McDougall 89th minute.

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Red_Dez wrote…

Tommy Elphick – should be well motivated to score a VAR assisted goal at Anfield after previously having a legitimate one ruled out.

Joe Parkinson – Save Lerma from getting the yellow cards this week and being an ex toffee as well adds a bit of extra edge.

On the bench – Conal Platt another player who joined us from the hallowed Liverpool YTS and despite being about as useful as Solanke and Ibe didn’t cost us a bean. – Join the conversation, click here.

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