Date: 24th September 2019 at 2:55pm
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The VAR (Video Assistant Referee) debate

Written by Neil Dawson

The point of (some people) wanting VAR was to rule out mistakes. If it can’t do that then all you are left with are its down points. My view has always been there are so many technicalities it becomes impossible. I bet you could wipe any goal from a corner if you wanted to and also give a penalty for any corner. There will have been our players holding back Southampton players in Nathan Ake’s goal and theirs holding ours.

I went ballistic after the Joshua King goal, pure unadulterated joy struck off on a goal that would have stood had he had size six feet (narrowly ruled offside). That’s the first time that has happened to us and any Manchester City fans will be thinking welcome to our world. From now on every post-celebration will be tainted with ‘could there have been a foul in the build-up’. For me, the point of football is the release of a goal….that moment where all else in your life goes out the window.

To take that away to keep some Sam Allardyce or Mark Hughes types happy was wrong. Now that we can see it wouldn’t even keep them happy it’s just either cruel or a laughing stock depending on your frame of mind.

northstandmark wrote…

Regards the penalty that wasn’t (against Southampton)…I just can’t fathom it. Would love to hear the reasoning. That’s exactly what it’s there to correct! And it’s not the first this season that’s difficult to explain. Stamp at Leicester another. Man City penalty to pick one the other way? Seemingly the obvious clear cut issues it’s supposed to be used for.

Regards offsides, we’ve always had goals ruled out afterwards for a late offside flag, that’s nothing new. As gutting as it is when it happened against you, or relieving when it went your way.

Granted it likely becomes more common, and it’s a tricky area to use this for because it’s not often obvious (although sometimes is). Without infinite cameras, you can’t ensure it’s always in-line.

But yeah, my overriding feeling is a head scratch as to why it fails with the seemingly more obvious stuff. One hope was that it would help transparency in officiating but that doesn’t seem to be the case so far. – Join the conversation, click here.

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