Date: 9th August 2019 at 8:10am
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Written by AlGard

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Here we go chums, season 5 in Utopia.
When we got promoted, who thought we would last this long,
and indeed, with the prospect of consolidating our stay even further,
much to the annoyance of many a “big” championship club.
(No names).

After our barnstorming start last season, it was a bit of a let down to only pick up 25 points from the last 28 games, which was relegation form.
We know the mitigating circumstances. Cruel injury blows, rarely short term, mainly season-ending.

Yes, that run of fixtures as well, but the 4-0 thrashing of Chelsea proved
we can live with the best when all 11 turn up and put on a show.

It was the defence that let us down again last season. 70 goals conceded?

There can’t have been many teams in the Premier League era that let in that many and survived.

However, this is balanced out by a fine attacking policy that delivers
goals. It’s entertainment to the hilt.

Just think back, some were even mentioning the “Europe” word last October.

Even I was dreaming of playing Lincoln Red Imps (Gibraltar), Shakhter Karagandy (Kazakhstan), and Algard (Norway) in early July.
Go on, google Algard. It’s true.

I want that fixture above all others, just so I can see the “tweets” from our travelling fans saying…”I am having fun in Algard”.

The half and half scarf would be a dream for me.

Anyway, on to this season.
All the summer talk, and we have survived with all the players we desperately needed to keep, with the addition of 5 players that certainly makes the squad look a lot deeper in strength.

So, it’s a big welcome to:
Phillip Billing.
Jack Stacey.
Arnaut Danjuma.
Lloyd Kelly.
And for 10 months, Harry Wilson.

I have spoken to friends/contacts of the clubs we signed these players from, and all have very positive reviews.
For example:

Billing: “Sad to lose him. Managers choice to let him go because of
a personality clash. If we had 3 Billings in midfield last season, we
would have been mid-table. Watch that left foot, it’s a thunderbolt.”

Stacey: ” If any player in League 1 could make the jump to the Premier League, it’s Jack.
Was hoping he would stay for the Championship season, we would be top half with his contribution.”

Danjuma: (Had to get a Belgian friend in the village to ask his Brugge supporting brother for this view).
“Spurs and Liverpool have been watching him constantly. Seriously quick.
We will be a player short for the champions league.”

Kelly: “£13M was more than a fair price with current experience, however you will be saying in a year or two’s time, we robbed City blind.”

Wilson: (From a Derby fan) “Premiership quality. He nearly took us there.”

All sounds very promising.

The fixture list has been quite kind. 2 promoted clubs to start with,
and another opener at home.
November and December are tough again, 5 games against the “Big 6”

Hey, what does it matter, we have to play everybody twice, tho’ keep an eye on that run in, we need to be pretty clear by late March.

I am not religious, but I said a prayer at the end of my bed last night.
It went something like this…
“Please deliver us from injuries. Please may referee’s have mercy
on Lerma’s soul, Please don’t let VAR destroy the game we love,
Please may Jordon fulfil his potential, Please may our goalkeeper
have less bending down to do to pick the ball out the net,
Please strike “Sweet Caroline” from the playlist.

I know I said 2/3rd’s the way through last season that we would be nailed on for relegation this time round.
Let’s face it, we were great one game, then poor for the following 3.
It really was relegation form.
We battled through it, and this year, when we pick up injuries,
there are better players to step up to the plate.

Ideally, this year would be another decent start, which will take all the pressure off,
and that free-flowing football that we produced last season, will again be a joy to watch.

So, breaking the coming season down into sections, this is how I see it,
with average luck this time on injuries.

August: 5pts
Sept: 5pts
Oct: 4pts
Nov: 2pts
Dec: 7pts
Jan: 8pts
Feb: 6pts
March: 3pts
April: 4pts
May: 3pts

Total. 47 points

Predicted position: 11th/12th

So, there you have it. Our season sorted in an hour, with a couple of glasses of vino.

There will be the odd hammering, conceding 5 goals on 3 occasions last season
puts a downer on the weekend, but we will dish out a few as well.

I’m expecting a few more than the measly 6 draws last season, which will boost
the tally.

Whatever happens…



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