Date: 24th January 2019 at 5:49am
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Written by NWCherries98

Diego Rico, I really like him as a player, but I have this nagging feeling in my mind that he’ll be off next summer.

He HAS been pretty poor recently, but I don’t think AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe did him any favours by refusing to put him in the team when Charlie Daniels was on that horrendous run of form. You can see that he’s forcing his play far too much, he’s probably desperate to make an impression and so is making stupid errors that he would never normally make (like that awful cross versus Brighton & Hove Albion, where he didn’t even look up).

Hopefully, this season will be treated as the bedding-in period, so that next season we can get Adam Smith back to playing right back, sign someone to compete with him, and then have Rico and Daniels properly compete to start on the left. I think Daniels will have another season in him, and I think Rico is a far better player than what he has shown recently.

We need to get out of this habit of playing both of our available right backs in every game, because it will, as we’ve seen in the last few months, come back to haunt you.

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thegazzyb wrote…

I might be reading too much into body language but I watch all the videos the club posts on Cherries Official WebSite and I get a sense that Rico hasn’t really settled in England as easily as Jefferson Lerma ( for instance ). He seems unhappy and withdrawn. I would imagine he thought he’d play more than he has, maybe he underestimated the standards, Eddie, sets. That’s probably a part of it. He is upset that he is not getting to play very often. When he does get a chance, I think his own mental state is getting in the way a bit. Something about him just says to me that he’s not really settled, not part of the team, not part of the project. I think he needs to be integrated into the group more, from what I have seen. Maybe then he will relax and begin to play as he can. I wouldn’t say that he has a strop on because he’s not playing. There seems more to it than that. He just doesn’t seem to be happy to be here. Maybe it’s not what he expected. I’m sure the club are doing all they can to help him settle, maybe he’ll still come good. I personally think it is a mental/emotional thing with him at the moment and if that doesn’t change I can’t see him ever becoming a regular starter for us, unfortunately. – Join the conversation, click here.

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