Date: 17th December 2016 at 1:06am
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The Premier League have announced the dates on which future 2017 Premier League matches selected for television screening will be known.

With a shift this year to save on fans making a loss on travel, accommodation and the like when games were moved late on for television screening for a wider audience, the Premier League and Sky Sports and BT Sport have been giving a number of weeks build up television selections so far this campaign – most coming in the first week of the month two months ahead of the month featuring the selections.

ie February 2017’s game that were selected were announced in the first week of December.

To continue that trend of trying to be fan friendly, the Premier League have now announced the fixture change announcement dates for the New Year itself.

Sky, BT and the Premier League expect to reveal future game selections in the second half of the season on the following dates.

For March 2017 selections: January 25, 2017.
For April 2017 selections: February 27, 2017.

With April being the end of the campaign and staggered end dates and everything else, there will be staggered television pick announcements in May to cover that month.

For May 2017 selections: Stepped announcements on April 6, April 13 and possibly April 20 2017.

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