Date: 6th January 2018 at 5:43pm
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According to a new study, AFC Bournemouth are the 65th strongest financial power in world football.

The study was completed by ‘specialists in sports financial valuations, analysing clubs` balance sheets and annual reports from 2015/16, the last complete financial year available’.

They also used ‘other renowned sources of information like UEFA, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Transfermarkt and Hoovers.’

This information was used to create the Football Finance Index (FFI) using five key variables – playing assets, fixed assets, money in the bank, potential owner investment and net debt.

Soccerex marketing director, David Wright told the

“We`re delighted to reveal the results of our first Soccerex Football Finance 100 study which highlight how the global football landscape has shifted over the past two decades.

“We wanted to create a study that provided a broader evaluation of football finances, one that reflected the modern reality of football, impacted by increased owner investment and the need for better financial management.

“By looking at factors like asset value, debt levels and crucially the amount the owner or ownership group could invest in the context of their direct environment, the report evaluates both the financial standing of each club and the economic potential they have in the market. The results have certainly been eye-catching!”

AFC Bournemouth’s ranking of 65th places them ahead of Premier League rivals Huddersfield, Watford and West Brom as well as European greats such as Marseille and Feyenoord.

Your Say…

northstandmark wrote…

What would happen if we were relegated?

Well, if the club have been vaguely sensible the player contracts would ratchet down via clauses in line with the drop in turnover. Some players would be sold / leave, raising money to reshape the squad and/or the balance sheet. Other players would stay and fight it out in the Championship.

Parachute payments would continue to give AFCB some reasonable clout for a decent couple of season cracks at the Championship. Probably still with Howe at the helm overseeing that, seeing as his stock has dropped a little, although that’s further into the realm of speculation.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, not only because I enjoy the club playing at this level and the coverage / prestige / support that it brings. But also as I don’t ideally want to test the club’s previous statements about relegation having no impact into their training ground and stadium plans or the shareholders’ commitment.

If it did happen, and just to be clear I don’t think it will, it still wouldn’t be the biggest disaster to befall the club in it’s long and lets be honest – sometimes fairly disastrous history.
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