Date: 31st December 2016 at 5:49pm
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AFC Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn believes the announcement that the Cherries will be building a new stadium shows a commitment to the desire to ensure long-term success for the football club.

On 9th December, AFC Bournemouth chief executive Neill Blake announced that the football club board were attempting to identify a site to build a new home for the Cherries.

At the present moment in time AFC Bournemouth have been unable to agree a potential buy-back price of their Dean Court home with landlords Structadene, whilst the indication from Bournemouth Borough Council is that a greatly increased capacity ground within Kings Park would not be approved.

This would see AFC Bournemouth leave Dean Court and Kings Park, the football clubs home since 1910.

The AFC Bournemouth boards aim is to move into a new ground within the next four years. (click for previous article).

Mostyn told the Daily Echo

‘…the recent announcement that we are looking for a site for a new stadium is a clear indication of our commitment to you our supporters and our desire to ensure long-term success for the club.

‘We want to make certain we can compete with the best in the Premier League. In this respect, we will do everything possible to achieve that goal.

Your Say…

boscombe botn wrote…

I am struggling to get my head around why we can’t build a new 20,000 stadium in Kings Park!

At the moment we have a full size football ground with two football training pitches next to it and also an athletics track. Over the road there is open grassland the size of a cricket pitch.

Queens Park is literally a stone’s throw away as well.

I appreciate that the so called Five Parks Act or whatever its called seeks to provide open ground for the enjoyment of the public, but just how much open ground does Mr & Mrs Public need?!

IIRC the athletic stadium is sited over an ex-public tip! Hardly historical walking land. And next to it is a lorry park – not exactly a great area for picnics!

A 20,000 capacity stadium might spark some support industry life into Boscombe as well!

This Five Parks Act or whatever its called / does is absolutely ridiculous! Maybe we could get that clever lawyer back so that we can suggest some amendments to that ridiculous Act and do a deal with the council!

Perhaps offer to resurrect the ice rink in Bournemouth town centre or something!

Utter madness! Rant Over.
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