Date: 4th March 2018 at 1:30pm
Written by: Audenshaw Cherry

Only one change for the Bournemouth side that had come back to force a draw against Newcastle with the in-form Smith coming in to replace Fraser in what looked at the beginning to be a three man defence but which soon emerged into a back four.

Not surprisingly, following an icy week, there were fewer than normal away fans but they were boosted by a very lively and entertaining group from Lincoln.

The first half did not contain much quality but was notable for two things.

Firstly, the Leicester team were not having an off day and other than a couple of chances for Mahrez did not really pose any threat at all to the away goal. Indeed the expected threat from Vardy just did not arise. He was either offside or well hounded by the defence.

Secondly, the Bournemouth forward three did not have their shooting boots on. Glorious chances fell to King, twice, and Stanislas and they were squandered.

The first half was drawing to a close when first Wilson went down in the box and then Albrighton made a clumsy tackle on King. Penalty. King shook off Wilson`s claim to take the kick, which was delayed by gamesmanship from the Leicester side, most notably Schmichael who really should have been booked at that time. King kept his cool however and sent the keeper the wrong way.

Half time: Leicester 0 AFCB 1

The second half was a different game.

Apart from one very poor shot from Stanislas there was very little goalmouth activity from the Cherries. Having said that Bournemouth were denied a stonewall penalty when Ndidi used both his hands to push Daniels over in the area. A correct decision may have led to a different ending but appeals from the players were brushed away.

Ever more desperate the home team pushed forward for the equaliser and Bournemouth found it more and more difficult to get out of their own half, not helped by some very poor play by the front three and some unusually poor passing from Lewis Cook.

Four minutes additional time was signalled but this was extended due to a substitution and an injury to Francis following a very brave clearing header.

In the seventh minute a fired up Steve Cook slid into a tackle 25 yards out. The referee correctly gave a free kick to the home side. A wall was set up and the rest of the home side bunched on the back post. I have watched the shot on television since and it shows that Mahrez hit a perfect shot around the wall and into the bottom corner. It was a fantastic goal and little blame can be laid at anyone`s door.

Full time Leicester 1 AFCB 1

Begovic 8 I thought he had a very good game. He was much commanding in his box than I have seen him before. No chance with the goal.

Francis 8 A very sold game at right back and kept his wing man quite most of the game. He made one or two heroic clearances.

Steve Cook 8 Great defensive display one blinding save with his head from a goal-bound shot.

Ake 8 Mr Fantastic again. Gave everything when we were really up against it.

Daniels 8 Much better than of late. Got forward a number of times to cause trouble their defence. Very unlucky not to get a penalty. Referees seem to have a strange understanding of that rule in my mind

Gosling 9 An outstanding performance in the midfield. Challenged well and kept their dangerous players at bay.

Lewis Cook 6 Not his best game for the club. Gave the ball away too many times and failed to make any telling passes.

Smith 9 An absolute dynamo in midfield and again made good runs and challenged well in midfield

Stanislas 5 A poor performance. Apart from missing two good chances, his passing and ball control were very variable. Just did hold on to the ball.

Wilson 5 Didn`t really see much of the ball and didn`t seem to be on the same wavelength as either King or Stanislas.

King 5 I thought he was dreadful and would have given him a 4 if it weren`t or the penalty. Didn`t hold the ball, passing was terrible, missed a couple of golden opportunities and didn`t seem that bothered.

None of the substitutes mad a positive impact on the game although we looked less secure when Gosling went off.


In the cold light of day that was a good point earned although it did seem like two points lost when the game ended yesterday. The Mahrez goal was exceptional and we should be thankful that he didn`t make more of his chances in the first half. The defence was superb yesterday whilst the front three were very poor. I think we are missing Ibe and, yesterday, Fraser who could both have run at their defence with purpose. Leicester are a very physical and petulant team and Schmichael should have been booked for the penalty shenanigans and eventually did get one at the end. I was also disgusted that, when they scored, Begovic was showered with snowballs. Things were also thrown onto the pitch side, near us, when a few decisions went against Leicester.

Report by Audenshaw Cherry


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  • Adam Smith should have been the fourth man in the wall. What was he doing out wide and leaving the gap for Mahrez to exploit?

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