Date: 27th December 2016 at 8:19am
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe believes the club are still viewed as ‘little Bournemouth’ despite enjoying a so far successful second campaign in the Premier League.

The Cherries manager is not referring to the standard of football that AFC Bournemouth produce on the pitch, he is referring more to the infrastructure off it.

AFC Bournemouth still have the same academy set-up that was in place during the clubs long standing reigns in the lower leagues.

Whilst Dean Court is the smallest ground to host Premier League football.

The attendances may well be higher than the record lows, but the 11,000 every week gives a notable feel in comparison to grounds three times the size up and down the country.

Howe told the Daily Echo

‘…The challenges for us remain the same. When you look at the ground, the facilities, the academy, the youth set-up, all these things have to fall in line with the Premier League. That`s why people may still view us as little Bournemouth.

“On the pitch and with the players we have and the squad we have assembled, I don`t think we are viewed negatively by anybody.

“It is more the attachments that go with the football club that we need to grow, which everyone is aware of so that is the challenge long term.

“If we could do that then the tag would go. In the meantime, I think we will still have that label against us. There`s nothing we can do about it on the playing side, it`s all about making sure we are competitive as we can be.”

Your Say…

The Alchemist wrote…

It all boils down to what kind of development the club want to do. My view is that the owners are more ambitious stadium complex wise than the vast majority of us here.

I think they will be looking at something over 20k initially built allowing for expansion to 30k at least. The whole complex is likely to include hotel(s), restaurants/bars and perhaps even retail outlets or a small retail park.

Now you might just about be able to force through a stadium of 20k tops in KP but then be stuck once more in 10 years time when you find you want to expand but can’t (or aren’t allowed to).

One thing I will guarantee is that the owners will be looking and expecting the club to grow and grow each year. The ‘what happens if Eddie leaves or we get relegated ?’ won’t even enter their minds as they will back themselves to keep the club building onwards and upwards on the pitch.
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