Date: 30th November 2007 at 2:19pm
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During the week Up The Cherries have received a few fans comments on AFC Bournemouth ‘manager’ Kevin Bond…

He clearly has proven qualities as a coach but desperately lacks the experience to manage a club like Bournemouth, on such tight funds. His style of play is not what Cherries fans want or are use to. If he’d created a side with commitment, passion and a desire to play decent football and was still getting bad results, he’d have more respect from me. He needs to step aside now because he just isn’t creating a future for us.

Letty Fox

in the 60 years that I have supported afcb I cannot remember a time when things appear to be so bad on the field and the board of directors seem to be saying its what we can afford so get on with it, in any other walk of life if a person did his job as badly as Mr Bond they would get the sack, the mistake was made in the summer when after having a good clearout he failed to replace the ones that had gone by experienced replacements, although some would think messrs Telfer and Bradbury would fit into that description, we must make changes now whilst there is still a fan base to work with


Bonds failings this season started way back in the summer. An almost total clearout of players, most of whom have at the very least kept us competitive at this level, sent out warning signals about what was to come. Bonds replacements were not only man for man worse than those released, they were on wages higher than the outgoing players. To compound this, with the higher wages being paid to Bonds friends and golf partners, we could no longer afford to maintain the already meagre squad numbers thereby placing more emphasis on every injury and card the team has picked up this campaign.

But Bonds weaknesses do not end with the transfer market. He seems to lack both man management skills and tactical nous. Both of which are kind of handy to have as a football manager. His handling of Young being one of the most public displays of this. Tactical failings are many. The recent home defeat to Oldham brought to a fore just how glaring his continual mistakes are! Having weathered the first half Bond swapped Telfer to right back during the break. His best friend then got skinned non stop for the next 45 mins and we lost 3-0. Did he realise this mistake? Did he admit he was wrong and swap them back? No…he sat on the bench with his head in his hands and did nothing.

I could go on…Pitch size? Fletch? Perret? Bradbury? Player positions? Set plays (or lack of them)? Lack of opponent knowledge? Excuse after excuse after excuse?

Enough is enough, he has to go!! Not one person I have talked to thinks he should stay (and I’ve spoken to players too!). He has already had more chances than a game of Monopoly. Be a man Bond, resign!


I was a strong supporter of Bond when he was appointed manager and I was excited about the prospects he would bring to our club. Up until the summer I actually thought he had done a fair job of keeping the team in the division and I was looking forward to the coming season.

He made some big decisions when he released a lot of our well supported players. This could have either been a stroke of genius or a rod for his own back. As it turns out he brought in a few big names (who on paper looked like exciting prospects). However these players have severely struggled at this level, the reasons for this are unknown. Bond has had difficulty getting the limited number of players he has motivated to win at home.

Having been to every home game this season, i’ve seen us play the worst football for many years and I understand that there are limited numbers of players. The thing that makes me want Bond to leave is that he appears incapable of motivating the players to go out and perform. This combined with his apparent lack of tactical knowledge (playing telfer in midfield = good performance / playing him at right back = awful, so why does he keep playing him at right back???).

I’m sure as a person he is a nice guy and I personally hope he finds another position (maybe as Harry Redknapp’s assistant for england). I just think that we are too much of a challenge for him at this stage in his career.


Part Two

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