Date: 2nd December 2007 at 9:57am
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The third batch of supporters views on ‘manager’ Kevin Bond…

Kevin Bond, where to start!? Firstly, he was never my choice of manager, then again I never felt Sean O’Driscoll should have been pushed out by the powers that be. I was never really decided on a new manager but someone with some experience would have been better in my opinion. However, you have to give the new guy a chance and so I have.

Well he kept us up somehow last season. Or did he?! Did the experienced players rouse the youngsters and escape relegation? I don’t know, but it’s one to boil the kettle. However, he should never have been given a 2 year contract. That side last season was better than relegation battlers, a position that O’Driscoll was nowhere near when he departed. His transfer activity also baffled me. Some very good players were disposed of and adequate replacements haven’t arrived (don’t agree? Look at the table!). The signing of Telfer to me looked good, but doesn’t appear to have worked. That isn’t a direct criticism of Telfer and it would be unfair to pick on one player.

He seems to lack certainty on the players best positions and the tactics he wishes to adopt. Lets be honest, under O’Driscoll, even if we lost, we did play football. Usually, I saw AFCB play a lot during the season. This season I have only attended the Dirty Leeds game, the performances and results, and feedback I’m hearing hardly enthuses you to go and watch.

I hope he can prove me wrong, but at the moment he appears to have a failure written upon him. His public criticism of both players and crowd alike are hardly endearing either. At times you do think that for his own dignity it would be best to walk, but he is defiant. Lets be honest, he can’t be paid off, the club can’t afford to, so maybe this contract needs to be seen out and the club has to suffer short-term if it is to achieve any long-term success.


Very clearly Mr Bond is fast becoming one of the most despised managers ever to grace the managers office at this club. Never in my 50 years as a supporter have I witnessed such division and rock bottom moral amongst the supporters. I fear that if Mr Mostyn does not act to relieve Mr Bond of his position this week the club will plunge even deeper into its self made morass and set more supporters adrift on a sea of melancholy.


So what can I say as a plastic who cant get to many games

Whilst some loans have worked quite well, the decision to drop Moss and waste a loan signing on a young keeper was a bad choice. A few mistakes by him early in the season put the pressure on small squad immediately, and from then on we have always been struggling to get some form.

Reasonable away results have been let down by very poor home form, and that is where a manager is judged. You must entertain your own fans, and something like 3 home wins in his 12 months at home is not good enough.

s for the players, Telfer has disappointed given his pedigree (involved in another mix up today for Millwall 2nd goal), but Gowling responded well after Bond expressed his concerns publicly about him. That could be termed decent man-management as it works with some personalities. He certainly doesn’t look inspiring from the touchline, and by that I am not expecting to see him ranting all game. Stood still arms crossed looking clueless wouldn’t inspire me, I know that!

We all know of the tight financial restrictions KB is working under, but some of it has been so poor you wonder if the players are playing for their boss at all. That alone usually means its time to go, no point keeping him here any longer than necessary. Like McClaren, he wont walk otherwise he loses his pay-off, so JM and SS probably need to bite the bullet and get rid of him, but it will be a tough decision and not easy to replace him with anybody of known managerial ability.


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