Date: 30th November 2007 at 4:32pm
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The second batch of supporters views on ‘manager’ Kevin Bond…

I am of a dying breed; I am the lone figure standing in the cold. I am the other side of the coin. Yes, I am still backing Bondys Barmy Army.

Ok, so that opening paragraph is a bit dramatic, but it is largely the truth. I have in the past been accused of being to ‘positive’ or too emotional, and perhaps that is correct, but I really really want Bond to do well.

I honestly feel that the guy really cares about the club, and I am saddened by a section of supporters who speak of Bond like he is dirt, when all he has done is tried his best. I am speaking of those who want him gone at any cost and those who think the honourable thing to do is for him to quit.

Anyone who cares an ounce for this club would never quit when things get tough. We don’t as supporters and I wouldn’t expect any manager who care too either!

I will not deny he makes the occasional odd tactical choices and I was not pleased with his decision to release Fletch, but he also has been dealt the unluckiest blows in terms of injuries.

Injuries which haven`t helped him form a consistent starting seven let alone a starting eleven and he deserves a chance to turn things round.

All that said, I appreciate I am a minority so I think a fair scenario would be that a win against Milwall followed by a money spinning third round tie against a big club should provide Kevin the finances to buy our way out of trouble.

One thing I am sure of, we will be hard pressed to replace Kevin Bond with anyone better equipped to improve our league form and certainly it would be hard to find someone who actually cares about this clubs fortunes as much.


Since Bond has been the manager at AFCB the record has been appalling, there is a distinct lack of player motivation. He just stands at the side of the pitch not really knowing what to do and if we are playing badly or the formation is not working he has no plan B and therefore nothing ever changes for the better. He does not work with the team as a manager should and is generally very poor at his job.

Carly Butcher

Kevin Bond came to Bournemouth with experience as a Premiership assistant manager at Newcastle and Portsmouth under his belt: experience that was in my opinion never relevant to the job in hand.

Moves for fresh blood have left casualties in Bond’s wake, with AFCB’s longest-serving players Fletcher and Young being farmed out in an attempt to free up funds. Due to Bond’s limited knowledge of League One football, most signings made have proved either extremely injury prone or not up to the task infront of them. As a result, this has seen the side skulking around the bottom of the table with little sign of improvement.

From what I have seen, Bond is incapable of organising his current players to achieve better results and has proved that he is unable to sign the right type of player to improve things.