Date: 30th November 2019 at 7:03pm
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Speaking prior to AFC Bournemouth’s trip to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, Cherries manager Eddie Howe was quizzed on how he deals with speculation regarding his future.

During his two spells as AFC Bournemouth manager Howe has often been linked with vacant managerial positions at other clubs, this month alone he has been linked with Tottenham, Everton and West Ham United.

Howe’s answer was a familiar one “viewed as a good thing” because that must mean you’re doing something right if others are interested.

AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told the Daily Echo

“…I always say if I’m linked, or my players are linked with other clubs then that has to be flattering, it has to be viewed as a good thing.

“But I spend no time focusing on those things…”

“…For me, the next game is always on the horizon. The next game is the utmost priority in my mind…”

“I never try to look too far ahead now because I’ve seen so many managers lose their jobs when they look secure. So many unpredictable things happen in football, why waste the energy looking too far ahead?”

But is Howe at a point in his career at Dean Court that he feels like he needs to move?

Written by thegazzyb

Eddie Howe still has much to achieve at AFC Bournemouth.

He wants to create a legacy (academy on the way, own stadium at some point in the future possibly?) and he has yet to get anywhere near a perfect Premier League season out of the players he has at his disposal here.

He often mentions how good he thinks we have the potential to be but how we seldom play to our full potential. He needs to find the key to solving this problem since in his eyes we are still underperforming. He would face the same sort of problem at a top club so he needs to find a solution here. He is probably also well aware that he is far from the finished article himself (just see his comments after the Wolverhampton Wanderers match).

I really think he has plenty of challenges ahead of him here. If he achieves all of those things and then feels that there is no more progress to be made here, then, of course, he would probably start looking to further his ambitions elsewhere. In the grand scheme of things, I still think we are a long way away from that situation at the moment

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cockbeard wrote…

Lots of people get worried abut the fact Eddie Howe was reported as talking to Everton after Ronald Koeman, I wouldn’t worry about it. Even when in good contracts I’d sometimes interview at other places, just to get a feel for my worth in the market, and what other companies are doing and whether I can learn anything from them. He sat down with Southampton because he was invited and said no before, I imagine that’s exactly what happened at Everton.

While he has such a level of control (Alex Ferguson/BrianClough) I can’t see him going elsewhere. – Join the conversation, click here.

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