Date: 3rd July 2020 at 6:31am
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Written by fritter

The circumstances of AFC Bournemouth’s rise were unique. Brink of disaster and having to pull together. Building a team of misfits and castoffs built an energy, a spirit and momentum. That will never be repeated.

Eddie Howe achieved something extraordinary. Truly magnificent. Keeping us in the Premier League for 5 seasons is a miracle.

But managing in the Premier League is very different. I have written before about the management changes in this division. It is hard to stay up for more than a couple of seasons without changing manager, outside the established 7. Even they change managers.

Would I want to join the merry go round of managers? Sam Allardyce, David Moyes, etc. No. I really wouldn’t. Staying in this division isn’t that important to me. I want to see exciting games of football. 11 players giving their all. If that happens I don’t care if they win, lose or draw. I haven’t enjoyed the overall Premier League experience. I have loved some games and enjoyed seeing some of the best players in the world. But defining success as finishing 17th? Not for me.

If (?) We go down we will never come up again in my view. Do I care? Not a jot.

The children (and others) in tears? They’ll get over it. No one supports a team long term that is conditional on success. It’s in your blood or it isn’t. It’s your team or it isn’t.

There are many on this board who will be there whatever division we’re in. There are some that were planning a phoenix club when we were on the brink.

Those are the real fans. Thick and thin fans. The ones that help out when needed.

Eddie will go when he feels he can do no more. Whatever he does, we will not see his like again. We have been privileged in the same way that Liverpool fans were with Bill Shankly and Manchester United fans with, Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson. A manager that loves the club so much it hurts.

Whatever happens, he is a legend.
We are not worthy.

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fred1407 wrote…

It really pains me to see the faces of Eddie and Jason Tindall knowing the amount of hours they put in daily.

They live and breath the club, as do their families and all I am waiting to hear are the voices of some players should we get relegated saying ‘I want to leave as I feel I need to be playing Premier League football’.

AFCB have given these players the opportunity to play at the highest level and in my opinion too many have not stepped up. The only player I would clap and offer to carry his bag to his car would be Nathan Ake. A true leader of a man who in every game has given us 100%.

Our club is different than any other in the Premier league and we have always punched above our weight, but Eddie was the right man at the start of this journey and we need to remember who we are. – Join the conversation and have your say on whether Howe should stay or go by clicking here.

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