Date: 16th July 2006 at 4:37pm
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Cherries midfielder, Stephen Cooke went to see a specialist about a hamstring injury he picked up at the end of last season and discovered that he had one leg shorter than the other.

Speaking to the Daily Echo he said…

‘I went to see a specialist about my hamstring because I pulled that at the end of last season.

‘And it was a bit of a surprise when he told me I’ve got one leg longer than the other. I wish I’d known about it sooner…’

He went on to add…

‘…It is only about six or seven millimetres apparently, but it can make the difference on how your weight is distributed. Although it doesn’t sound that much, in those terms I was told that it is quite a big discrepancy.’

‘I’ve now started wearing a special insole and when I went back to see him, the specialist told me my back had straightened out and that had corrected the muscles that were affecting my hamstrings.

‘…I already feel a lot better in myself.’