Date: 14th February 2021 at 9:14am
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Nottingham Forest v AFC Bournemouth – Match Report – Click here.

– This isn’t AFC Bournemouth caretaker manager Jonathan Woodgate’s problem in that we’ve struggled to break down teams that sit in against us all season and former boss Jason Tindall never found an answer. However, it was a very poor attempt at doing so and JW has to be held partly responsible for that.

If this is being seen as a trial period then a lucky win last weekend followed by, I’m told, a good performance and great result against a second-string Burnley team with this showing on the back of it then I don’t think it’s nearly enough. Today was so telling, the lack of change in approach after the break. Harsh to judge him on such a short period but, for me, this was his interview and he just fluffed the presentation.

– I know they were up against two walls of men moving around like they were connected on a table football rod but the front four should have done something to try and change it rather than wandering around and wondering why the ball was never reaching them.

– Let’s hope the injury to S Cook is nothing serious. We could really do without it at the moment.

– A shame Kelly lost his place. I understand why but we’re back to square one with the LB position again.

Man of the match against Forest







Someone else

Someone else

—– Player Ratings —–

Begovic – 6
Nearly spilt one but did his job. Nothing really to save so that’s that.

A Smith – 6
Did get forward a few times and when we looked dangerous it was often with him involved.

Carter-Vickers – 6 and Man of the Match
I can’t find a single seven out there today but CCV looked pretty assured at the back, admittedly against a team that weren’t committing much forward. However, I’ll give it to him based on that.

S Cook (off on 5) – n/s
Went off too early.

Rico – 5
When he did get forward he was poor and defensively always looked suspect against Knockaert.

Wilshere (off on 66) – 5
Pretty anonymous. As a senior pro should have done something to try and shake things up.

Pearson (off on 81) – 6
Well, he did what you’d expect. Not a lot more.

Lerma – 6
See Pearson.

Stanislas – 5
Unlucky from a short corner but apart from that not really in the game.

Long (off on 81) – 6
Worked hard but that’s about it.

Danjuma – 5
I heard his name so he was on the pitch but I can’t recall anything of note that he did.

— Sub —
Kelly (on from 5) – 6

Brooks (on from 66) – 6
Looked like he might bring about change but after a brief flurry, it wasn’t to be.

Billing (on from 81) and Surridge (on from 81) – 6
We looked marginally better but didn’t really have time to influence the game.

Overall Grade: D
It’s a point when we need three and, unfortunately, we never really threatened taking them all.

Woodgate’s tactics and on-field changes looked one dimensional or way too late. He let Hughton completely run the game the way he wanted it to go.

It might be harsh to downgrade the forward’s marks when the tactics weren’t their fault but sometimes you need them to step up and show their quality. None of them did.

What did we learn from this? The new manager is needed soon and it shouldn’t be JW.

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Cheerupcherry wrote…

In days gone by you never change a winning team unless you are forced to through injury. Felt the starting line-up should have been the side used against Burnley. Billing and Surridge definitely should have started and will both be miffed. Should both start on Saturday surely? Twice as many points given away as taken – no shots on target of any merit – onwards and upwards …….. – Join the conversation, click here.

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