Date: 18th March 2007 at 7:01pm
Written by:

Rob Trent the Chairman of the Community Mutual has a section in the programme and on you can now read highlights from this below (To read the full column please visit the CM Chairman notes page on the CM website).

By the time you read these notes, it is likely that a decision will have been reached one way or another regarding the consortium and their proposed investment. Weeks of discussions and negotiations with the consortium will have resulted in a vote by the CM Membership (last Wednesday), followed by the shareholders EGM (yesterday).

Whilst the CM Committee made a collective decision to support the consortium proposal, that decision was never cut and dried from the start. Your CM also recognise that our membership will have also given careful consideration to the proposal. Your CM committee thought long and hard about every aspect of this deal, and reached a decision in good faith that we believed was in the best interests of AFC Bournemouth. The next programme notes will outline whether the CM Membership agreed with our recommendation.

Whichever way that decision went, as supporters we now need to take stock, and to think about how we can move forward. The future will become much clearer over the next few weeks, and I believe that the supporters are key to building a better future.

We`ve seen in the past that trust on both ‘sides` is essential. “Articles of Association” and “Memoranda of Understanding” serve only to define the legal aspects of ownership. It is the “touchy feely” things like trust and mutual respect which really must be in place to allow any club to be successful.

The Community Mutual needs to be much more proactive in understanding not only how it can best work with future Boards of the football club, but we also need to understand what our membership needs from us. We need to also appreciate how supporters who aren`t members view us, and then work much harder to meet the needs of our membership and encourage them to become pro actively involved.

The Fans Council, which I referred to in my last programme notes, will be one way of doing that. Now that we are able to concentrate on issues other than consortium’s you will see Community Mutual Committee members Steve Harris and Brian Troake taking this forward in the near future. If you want to be involved, drop an email to, or speak to any of the committee on a match-day.

And for those of you who cant get enough of meetings, there will soon be an announcement of the date for the Community Mutual Annual General Meeting (AGM)! Again this will be an opportunity for the membership to shape the direction of the Community Mutual for the coming year.

In the meantime, if you`re computer literate and want to tell us what you think on any AFC Bournemouth related subject, please feel free to email the Community Mutual on