Date: 30th August 2016 at 8:59am
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AFC Bournemouth defenders Charlie Daniels and Steve Cook have both called Mike Dean’s decision to reward Crystal Palace a penalty as a ‘soft’ decision.

The Premier League are running with a new directive this season in the hopes that the more continental style of defending corners and set pieces will be clamped down on.

Decisions such as blocking an opponent without looking at the ball and pulling an opponents kit should see a penalty awarded.

Referee Mike Dean has been consistent in his approach to working with this new directive and has given numerous penalties already this season, his latest against AFC Bournemouth as Charlie Daniels was pulling Christian Benteke’s shirt.

But despite sticking to the absolute word of the law, the decision proved controversial as Benteke is seen pushing Daniels before the shirt pull and both players are also going away from goal with the slightest of tugs on the shirt.

The decision didn’t prove to be decisive however as AFC Bournemouth goalkeeper Artur Boruc saved Yohan Cabaye’s penalty.

On the decision Charlie Daniels told the Daily Echo

‘…I thought it was very soft but new rules have come into the game and I have to hold my hands up and say I was in the wrong.

“I wasn`t thinking about grabbing him or pulling him down. If you see the video, I`m looking at the ball the whole time and just trying to coax him out of the box…’

‘…He (Dean) is consistent so if we can make sure all the referees are consistent in that way, then everyone knows the way it`s been set up.

“As long as they can keep it consistent, it shouldn`t be a problem.”

AFC Bournemouth defender Steve Cook however believes the directive should be reviewed.

He told the told the Daily Echo

‘…It’s going to be very hard for everyone in this league to defend if that was a penalty.

‘It’s not a criticism of referees because they have been told to give fouls for anything like that but I think maybe it should be reviewed.

‘It’s a fine line and a very touchy subject at the moment. You’ve got to be able to use your arms – it’s a fact.’

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Garbo wrote…

‘funny most fans want the scrimmaging and shirt pulling in the penalty areas stamped on….Referees like Dean are solid enough to give penalties for it and I say good for them…Join the conversation here.

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