Date: 2nd December 2019 at 9:02am
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Written by Sorry Roger

Thought it was a fantastic stadium, although for the money it cost it should be good.

The lower tier was more shallow than I expected but designed with safe standing in mind so the view standing up was good (I was in the back row). The upper tiers were stacked quite steeply around three sides. It all wrapped around to the enormous home end. That was very impressive. I expected the statue of the cockerel to look naff but it created a striking focal point, particularly as the night drew in because of the understated way it was backlit.

When the big teams play us their fans are often quiet because we don’t seem exciting opponents and there is probably a higher proportion than usual of tourists, “johnny come lately’s” etc. However, when the Spurs fans woke up the stadium acoustics made it sound very loud indeed.

The areas around the ground were more spacious than I expected and it was easy to find your way around. Inside, the concourse lacked clear signage so some areas were packed while others, for example, the bar upstairs, were half empty. That extended to the men’s toilets with queues at one end and vacant urinals at the other.

I can’t comment on the food and drink because I don’t buy food and drink inside football grounds. However, I had an excellent Vietnamese lunch not far away followed by a couple of well-kept beers in a friendly local full of Spurs fans before the game. I’m looking forward to our next match there.

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RobTrent wrote…

I thought the atmosphere was much better than the Emirates or Wembley. I was luckily invited into the hospitality area for the game and, as someone who started watching football in the seventies, couldn’t help thinking how much things have changed with the game. – Join the conversation, click here.

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