Date: 2nd March 2020 at 11:11am
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told Sky Sports

“The glass is half full. To be down 1-0 at half-time against these types of teams, it’s very difficult to come back but we did.

“We showed great spirit in that second half and it was a really good opening period from us at the start of both halves today, we just couldn’t carry that momentum on. But we got a big point today and hopefully at the end of the season, it will prove pivotal.

“I was pleased with the response [in the second half] and we scored two really good goals. The question was could we hang on, but unfortunately, it wasn’t our day.

“We need to get points. Three is the aim, but if we can’t get three, let’s get one and we haven’t done that enough this season. We’ve been drawing when the games have been really tight and lost some narrow games so this is hopefully a turning point for us.”

Written by AlGard

As usual, a blistering start. Could have been 2 up in the first 6 minutes. But we never seem to capitalise on those intense opening minutes.

Then we sat back, looked tired as Chelsea pressed and it was little surprise when they scored.
We looked very down at half time.

But we came out to a rip-roaring crowd and turned it around in 3 minutes.
Some great football in the 2nd half.

Then we looked very tired again as Chelsea pressed. Backs to the wall and sadly we cracked.

It’s the fight that we are showing that gives us all hope.

A fair result and we battled like lions.
You can’t ask for more, can we?

kirsikka wrote…

The closing 35 minutes of the first half was extremely worrying. The second half performance was extremely encouraging. Under pressure in both those periods but the grit showed in the second-period pressure was different gravy to the soporific response in the first.

A few other thoughts:

– C Wilson is undoubtedly missing chances he would have put away in the past. If he can turn that around things could look very different for us.

– There was a time when we could buy easy fouls in the Premier League but perhaps we overcharged that card. The consistency in which we now don’t get any even 60/40 decisions across multiple referees seems like there is a clear direction been given to the officials to not to give us soft decisions and they are erring on the side of caution with that. In particular in reference to C Wilson and Fraser.

These kinds of directions do happen as you’ll likely see if you read a ref autobiography so we have to suck that up. From now until the end of the season at least we shouldn’t expect to get any decisions when touched, niggled at, prodded or slyly caught. It’s just how it’s going to be so actually better to try and stumble through on our feet as we may get a lucky bounce. We won’t get the decision.

– Stacey looks excellent and it’s the right call to have him and A Smith in the side. A brave decision from Eddie Howe but we look much more potent with two explosive full-backs. For all his qualities, Rico doesn’t quite have that turbo dash that our play can benefit from.

– A shame King went off when he did as we could have benefited from him on the break-in that final period but presumably they’re treating his return with kid gloves. If we lost him now it would be a disaster.

– For all his critics in the first half, our second goal came about on the back of an excellent piece of skill from Lewis Cook at the genesis of the move. Something I’m not sure our other midfielders could have done. We need a lot more of that but at least he showed something.

Keep plugging away at it and we could just find ourselves sneaking over the line. Even though I only really bet on Euros and World Cups I’m actually tempted to put a sneaky tenner on us to turn over Liverpool 3-1. The odds are likely to be huge and there’s something about some of our play that I’m really starting to like the look of again.

Oh, and if the Premier League is watching we wouldn’t be averse to playing Chelsea every week. They must bloody hate us.

AFCBade added…

In isolation a good point but, taken as a group of 3 games since villa, it’s hugely disappointing we have only taken 1 point from them. On the plus side, we are creating more chances than on the bad run and good bounce back from last week and going into 1-0 down at half time. Still need to defend as a team better. – Join the conversation, click here.

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