Date: 30th June 2018 at 9:00am
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AFC Bournemouth and kit manufacturer Umbro have launched the clubs new home and away kit for the upcoming 2018/19 Premier League campaign.

Released alongside a video which the Bournemouth tourist board would be very pleased about, AFC Bournemouth released a new home kit on Friday.

The new home shirt isn’t overly dissimilar to last seasons kit, a flash of gold, which the kit had during the promotion season from the Championship returns, whilst the collar has been altered and the sleeves have also changed to black.

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It’s a bit meh because it’s a lot like last year’s.

This year was always going to be tough to excite. Last year’s kit was so classically simple and good that if they’d changed too much we’d have been cross. If they change too little we aren’t excited.


Spot the difference with last years…you’ll struggle to find many


That photo is terrible, and initially I dislike the shirt, the collar was far too busy, the second look is less bad, guess it will grow on me


Also liked the promo video, as someone who doesn’t live too close these days, makes me wish I did!


It looks good, but what do I do with the four older home shirts that I have. With all the TV money floating about, the income from shirts must be rather small. Do we need to fleece supporters for new shirts every season?


the only difference is the sleeve personally I think it is nice but umbro could have changed it up a little


I always buy mine in April when they slash it to £15 and just keep it as a souvenir of the season.
I like the new one, but Umbro isn’t actually very groundbreaking with their designs.
There are some great mock ups online, I think the club and Umbro should run a competition for people to design a shirt and let Howe and JT pick the winner


I’m not fussed about kits much but doesn’t Bournemouth look great in that video? Absolutely stunning.

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northstand pundit

Slightly underwhelming?


I like it. The flash of colour on the sleeve will make it easier to pick players out when in the heavens at certain grounds and hopefully makes it easier for the players to pick each other out on the pitch as well.


It’s not my favourite because it feels to me like the England kits of the early 90’s, but I think Umbro have been quite clever in the way they have built a kit that works excellently with the sponsor’s logo. I don’t really recall that being the case with any other kits we have had.


The Good Lady’s first impressions were not favourable, big concerns about coordinating her nails with a white shirt. Until she noticed the blue shorts and orange flashes. Of course if helped that Nathan was modelling it : )

I’m not that fussed, red’n black for home matches, bright football whenever we play : )


I think its great, like the orange, adds something a bit different. Didn’t realise it was also stripes as well, which is pretty good.

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