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Bournemouth goalkeeper open to move away

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AFC Bournemouth’s first and currently only signing of the summer so far has been that of goalkeeper Alex Paulsen from Australian A-League side Wellington Phoenix.

The 21-year-old is expected to feature for New Zealand at the upcoming Olympics in Paris, having previously played for his country at both under-17 and under-23 level.

However, what wasn’t clear upon his arrival was where he would stand in the pecking order amongst the goalkeeper stable at Dean Court.

The current situation appears somewhat in the air, at the end of the 2023/24 season, it wasn’t clear who was AFC Bournemouth head coach Andoni Iraola’s number one. Was it experienced shot-stopper Neto, or was it Republic Of Ireland goalkeeper Mark Travers?

What was clear was there was no future for either Andrei Radu or Darren Randolph, who have both left the club, leaving Callan McKenna and Will Dennis stepping up as potential third-choice options or development loans away from the club.

Further muddying the waters has been speculation linking Mark Travers with a permanent move away from Dean Court. Celtic and Crystal Palace have both been linked with an interest in Travers.

So where does Paulsen see himself for the upcoming 2024/25 campaign?

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Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Paulsen said…

“The four-year contract clearly shows that they are willing to have a plan for me to play in the English Premier League one day. Whether I start in the reserves or go out on loan, I’m up for those pathways. That hasn’t been finalised yet – we are still discussing it.

Asked about his rapid rise to the Premier League and whether or not he’s thought about being an inspiration to children he added…

“I’ve never really had that thought – I’ve just been focused on my football. I’ve tried my best to achieve every kid’s dream… first and foremost to get a professional contract and hopefully one day play in the Premier League.

“I wouldn’t say pinch myself… but I do reflect on it and try to celebrate each moment with my family as much as I can. It [an EPL contract] was always a dream but I didn’t realise it could come this quickly.

“I had belief but it needed a lot of hard work. I’m very grateful to the staff and coaches at Onehunga Sports… I’ve got a lot of people to thank.

“I’m blessed… and I wouldn’t be here without the support of teammates, family and everyone else involved.

Your say…

dragonm8 said…

Haven’t followed the A league much at all, but he seems like an upgrade on Randolph and Radu.

There seem to be 3 elements of a good keeper.

Shot stopping, agility, and decision-making.

Passing range, short and long.

Ability to claim corners and free kicks.

Think the young lad has probably 2 out of the 3, but being only 6 foot tall (short for a keeper), can’t see how he is going to compete in the claiming corners bit.

6 feet tall is extremely short for any keeper in the top 2 divisions of the English game.

Of course, we welcome him to the club and wish him the best.

if we sign some 6 foot 5 centre backs to accommodate, then his ability to grab opposition corners will be needed to a lesser extent.

He certainly seems to have exceptional decision-making and agility. – To join the conversation, click here.

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