Date: 4th November 2016 at 7:42am
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AFC Bournemouth midfielder Harry Arter has admitted his surprise in regards to comments made by FA chairman Greg Clarke.

In October at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport select committee inquiry into the governance of football, Clarke declared that he would not advice a player to announce that they were gay due to the “significant abuse” they would sub-sequentially receive.

His comments sparked controversy in the media as he admitted that the problem of homophobia in football had not been corrected.

Arter told the Daily Echo

“I`m surprised he said that with the way the world is now. I don`t see why or how that would ever be a problem in our changing room. I wouldn`t see our squad, or any squad where I have friends playing, having any issue with it.

“It would be a shock because it`s not happened in the Premier League before so there would be a shock factor to it. I can`t see it happening for a very long while and I personally believe a player would keep it to themselves.

“But I am surprised he said that and, if it happened here, then I`d have no worries. The players would be fine about it.”

Your Say…

Ken Baileys Ghost said…

‘So, what if one of our squad came out?

Seems incredible in this day and age that no EPL players have come out, but I can see why given the poll results below.

I know 8% is not a lot compared with attitudes years ago, but it still beggars belief.

‘An online poll of more than 4,000 people across England, Wales and Scotland, conducted by research company ComRes for Radio 5 Live, found 82% of football fans said they would not have a problem with an openly gay player at their club.
But a worrying eight per cent said they would not watch their own team if there was an openly gay player.’
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