Date: 26th August 2016 at 7:01am
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AFC Bournemouth’s Chelsea loanee Nathan Ake doesn’t believe the Cherries mentality has dropped following the opening Premier League losses.

After two games AFC Bournemouth are currently bottom of the Premier League following two defeats.

The first was to Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United in the Portuguese first league game in charge of Manchester United.

The second was to West Ham United in their first league game in their new home at the Olympic Stadium.

Both performances have left room for improvement for Eddie Howe’s squad and Ake believes the Cherries will continue to grow as the season progresses.

Ake told the Daily Echo

‘…The mentality hasn`t dropped after the two losses. I think everyone knows the quality of the team and that we are difficult to beat…’

‘…We just have to keep playing well and improving. Although we beat Morecambe, we know there are still a lot of improvements to make. We will look at that and, hopefully, improve for the next game.”

Discussing his role as a centre half alongside Marc Wilson for the EFL Cup match against Morecambe he added…

‘…It was a physical challenge and was really difficult because they were big, strong lads. But Marc helped me a lot and won a lot of headers. It was difficult but we coped.

“If I play, I`m happy. I don`t mind playing centre-back. I want to try midfield sometimes as well to improve but we will see what happens this season. It is up to the manager. I just try to do my best and give 100 per cent.”

Your Say…

NWCherries98 wrote…

Why are we playing like this?

By ‘this’, I mean slow, lethargic, ponderous, predictable, negative, dull and just plain bad. The only player that has left that would have had any real impact on our attacking performance is Ritchie, and the only obvious players out (against West Ham) that I can think of that would also are Pugh and maybe Cook??

To be honest, thinking back, this how we’ve played ever since we secured our status for this season.

Honestly, drop Wilson, he’s clearly not fit, or his injury has taken a toll on his footballing ability, and playing him ATM is like playing with 10 men.

We desperately need creativity behind the strikers as well. Not too late to sign a quality No10. All we have are players that ‘get stuck in’. There’s honestly no threat in centre midfield at all.

Daniels, Francis and Arter need to wake up. What has happened to them? Brad Smith looked impressive pre-season, so Daniels especially needs to up his game.

Ibe has been disappointing so far, but I’ll wait a few months in case he has a King esque turnaround before really laying into him.

Fraser looked overawed. Didn’t really impact the (West Ham) game, maybe too soon to be thrown in?

Missed Pugh and Gradel (against West Ham), which is a bit ridiculous seeing as we’ve spent £15 million on a winger.

I don’t know what Eddie Howe is thinking for Crystal Palace, but I’d go for something like this:


Smith, Francis, Cook, Daniels
Gradel Surman/Ake Pugh
Gosling Cook/Grabban

Pack the midfield with players looking to get forward, get some support in and around King or Afobe. Leave Ake or Surman to just sit in front of the back four. Gosling is best when he is able to drift in the pockets, and Cook looked very intelligent in front of the opponents box against United. Or play Grabban, he can pick a pass and is great at holding on to the ball. Pugh gets the best out of Daniels, and is our best crosser, and hopefully we will have more people in the box to attack a cross. Gradel at the moment has looked better than Ibe.

Yes, this is entirely knee jerk, and I might be talking complete ****. But we cannot continue playing the way we have, and Eddie needs to change it somehow.
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